October 25 2015

Weekend Link Love – Edition 371

By Mark Sisson

Weekend Link Love

Want quality science used to determine the USDA dietary guidelines? Me too. Sign the petition.

Chris Kresser is coming to London for a pair of single-day seminars. On October 31, join Chris for “Let’s Take Back Your Health,” a fluid talk/Q&A session about ancestral health and diet with the man himself. On November 1, Chris will introduce his ADAPT Method, a functional medicine framework designed for ancestral-based health practitioners.

Seminars not your thing? You still gotta eat. There’s a great paleo pop-up dinner taking place in London October 30 and 31.

Research of the Week

A glass of red wine (and to a lesser extent, white wine) with dinner every night for a year reduced components of metabolic syndrome in type 2 diabetics.

Among subjects running four times a week (a total of over 50 miles) for three months while training for a charity event, 11% lost weight, 11% gained weight, and 78% lost no weight.

Resistance training is the most realistic exercise modality for improving body composition.

Antibiotic usage is strongly associated with weight gain in children.

The brain controls thirst.

Catch-up sleep works.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 90: Stuart Tomc: Host Elle Russ hangs out with Stuart Tomc, former global educator at Nordic Naturals and current VP of human nutrition at CannaVest, to discuss how to determine your optimal omega-3 fatty acid intake and the emerging science supporting the health and medicinal benefits of hemp cannabinoids. Though THC is the cannabinoid that gets most of the attention (and controversy), it is cannabidiol (CBD) that may offer the most therapeutic benefits to people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, anxiety, seizures, or poor metabolic health. This one gets deep into the science, so be prepared.

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Interesting Blog Posts

One writer’s glowing experience with an ugly produce delivery service.

We tend to serve larger portions from bigger containers.

Media, Schmedia

23andMe will resume giving customers health data, albeit more limited in breadth.

Using Yelp to track food poisoning outbreaks, sometimes before food safety authorities catch on.

Everything Else

Your life may depend on listening to this podcast.

A new children’s hospital is being named after Krispy Kreme.

This video game might be right up your alley.

How come placebos are getting more effective?

The first dogs were domesticated in Asia, not Europe.

Researchers are using 850,000 diaries to figure out why modern life feels so hectic.

Turns out we’ve been doing steak wrong all this time.

This is your brain on concussions.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 27 – Nov 2)

Comment of the Week

I’ve been following MDA for a couple of years, and this post and part 1 were the most engaging ones so far. I loved the wide open expansive perspective it gave me, to complement the more common ‘drilling-down’ information. These posts belong in a book somewhere! Thanks Mark.

Thanks, Edmund. Feel free to print them out in put them in any book you own! 😉

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 371”

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  1. I can easily believe long distance runners don’t really lose much weight, I think the main result of all that running is major carb cravings!

    And there are always so many ‘studies’ done on red wine, a new one every week! It this rate we’ll be setting up IV red wine drips free on the NHS, it’s miracle juice! ;0)

    1. “we’ll be setting up IV red wine drips free on the NHS”

      We can dream, can’t we? 🙂

  2. Regarding placebos: our subconscious has power over our bodies. People with multiple personalities are known to have different allergies or sickness (or no sickness) compared to the host. This should normally be impossible, but it is well known among psychiatrists and it’s been seen in pretty much all DID cases. Same with the placebo, when the patient BELIEVES truly and deeply in their being that “this pill will make you better”, the pill works. How it works? If you accept that the universe are holographic/fractal in nature, then the answer stares you in the face.

  3. Okay, so my reading of the wine study was that the only effect was to raise hdl while lowering total cholesterol.

  4. By grilling a watermelon slice, aren’t you basically CARAMELIZING it? Of course the texture will change!

  5. I just this morning threw out half a watermelon because it was bland. I wish I had waited!

  6. “A new children’s hospital is being named after Krispy Kreme.”

    The irony is mind-boggling.

  7. That Far cry video game seems pretty cool and intense, I am not a gamer though. How about Ronald Mcdonalds daycare center! The concussion brain video is an eye opener, visuals seem to hit home the best, holycrap! Imperfect produce idea is cool, is there anything like that in Vancouver bc, area? Thanks Mark for blog:-)

    1. The concussion brain video doesn’t look right. With the top part of the skull in place there will not be that amount of room for the brain to move like that. The brain fits tightly in the skull. Of course you can get brain damage on concussions, but that video is far from the real mechanics.

  8. Imperfect. Produce rescue! Love it! Regarding the size portions from big box stores resulting in eating more, I hope the same analagy applies to healthy foods from Costco. I get many of my salad items, veggies, fruits, Irish butter, fage yogurt, olive/coconut oil etc. from Costco. I would say I eat larger portions of these healthy foods because I get them there in large quantities. I see this as a good thing. Just stay away from the M&M’s.

    1. I buy a LOT at Costco too. I just use an appetizer plate /salad bowl as a measuring tool. Meals stay the same size. You can only fit so much on a small plate. I started this because my eyes are bigger than my stomach but seems it is effective in saving money too, haha.

      1. Costco gets a bad rap from the store snobs in the Paleo community, but it’s true that you can just as easily make a healthy meal from what you buy at Costco as you can from what you would get at Whole Foods. You just have to be selective and know what you’re buying since they also carry a lot of items for the junk food eaters. That said, I don’t think buying in larger quantities necessarily equates to eating larger portions per serving.

  9. Perhaps, but a glass of wine with dinner sort of ruins the evening. Enough to make me stupid, but not enough to make me enjoy it. So the first drink calls for another and so on.

  10. After a point I lost no more weight while doing long distance hiking (25 miles per day for 3 months) and actually started to gain some of it back in the last month. I do mostly strength training now and again, the size and shape of my body has changed very little. However, I’m a lot firmer and you can see muscles in my old-lady upper arms. On a good day I can sometimes see and feel the abs a little bit. Today’s not a good day though. Too much wine lately. Sorry but a glass of wine every night does nothing good for my figure, and too often it leads to two glasses.