February 15 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 37

By Mark Sisson

Before we get to this week’s link love I’d like to make a request. Whoever is sending harassing emails to a particular health blogger that doesn’t agree with my opinions regarding health and fitness please stop. You are going about things in exactly the wrong way and I don’t support it all.

Okay. Now that that has been said, off to the links!

According to the results of the Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention: An Intervention Trial Evaluating Rosuvastatin (JUPITER) 80% of adults over 50 are eligible for statin treatment as the primary method of prevention against cardiovascular events. You probably know what I think about that.

Remember soft serve mcnuggets and the octodog? They’ve got nothing on these ridiculous food concoctions. (Though the “12 Bird True Love Roast” does actually look Primal, what do you think?)

Veteran readers may remember my post about Katie and her goal to run across the U.S.. Every Gym’s Nightmare goes one step further with a post about a man who ran around the world. I admire those who follow their dreams, but his daily schedule really made me cringe. What are your opinions?

With so many prescription medications to cure depression, it seems drug companies forgot to make a med for the overly cheerful. Head over to credible news source The Onion for video coverage of the first depressant medication for the annoyingly chipper.

Check out Having Fun With English’s classic stress relief technique. Debatably useful. Certifiably irreverent.

The New York Times recently ran an interview with Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper titled How to Stay on the Diet Wagon. Read Dr. Eades’ biting, spot-on response to Harper’s uninformed advice.

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  1. Mark,
    I had an interesting conversation w/my neighbor and wondered if you can tell me why this is happening? She’s 50, good shape, wants to lose 10-15 pounds. Here’s the thing, when she eats well (South Beach, low carb, high protein etc.) she gets acid reflux for which she takes Prilosec. When she eats like crap, no acid reflux. I notice the EXACT same thing in myself, except mine’s irritable bladder. Isn’t that odd? We both noticed it isn’t specific to onion, tomato – high acid food – we can be irritated by lettuce….why in the world can we eat a whole bag of Cheetos, feel fine (well, crappy, but fine as far as an acidic feeling), but eat healthy and we’re reaching for the Tums? Odd.
    Also, bummer someone is sending you nasty emails. Get a life person! Mark’s Daily Apple is doing good work – support it or find somewhere else to spread your ugliness!

  2. Finally someone has called out Bob Harper for the disseminator of bad information that he is!!! Thanks for the Dr. Eades link – it made my day:)

  3. Beth-

    Just my 2 cents here.

    Could it be- not what you’re eating, but rather what you and your neighbor are NOT eating that is causing the acid reflux and irritable bladder?

    In the case of your neighbor, isn’t the South Beach Diet low fat? So, when she eats like crap, maybe her fat intake is much higher. (even though it’s probably in the form of more trans fats, but it’s still fat)

    Are you getting enough fat?

  4. i thought that about the 12 bird roast too. esp if the stuffing were mostly nuts, fruit, and something like wild rice or quinoa.

  5. Ellen – Yes, it’s still slated for April. With any luck it may be out before April – maybe mid-March.

    Thanks for the interest!