Weekend Link Love – Edition 369

Weekend Link Love

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Research of the Week

Certain gut bacteria appear to protect kids against asthma.

Bullied teens should exercise.

Washing dishes promotes mindfulness.

The true “polypill” is exercise.

Sorry, vegans: meat, dairy, fish, and shellfish remain the only significant sources of B12 in the human diet.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 88: Christopher Walker: Host Brad Kearns sits down with Christopher Walker, a former collegiate triathlete who, after discovering his testosterone had dropped to a dangerously low 11 ng/dl due to overtraining and a pituitary tumor, developed a holistic program to boost it to an incredible 1129 ng/dl. In this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to know about testosterone—how to increase it naturally, why it’s so important for health and happiness, how our training, sleep, and diet can affect our levels.

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Interesting Blog Posts

The decline of Big Soda.

When they’re drunk, a third of vegetarians eat meat.

While you probably shouldn’t re-freeze that pork chop you let thaw in your car on a hot day, you can re-freeze foods that were properly thawed.

Media, Schmedia

Dunkin’ Donuts is closing 100 stores.

Monsanto getting cozy with professors.

Speaking of which, a Monsanto pal just wrote a screed against organic agriculture, making sure to trot out all the old canards.

Everything Else

Want to write at night without blue light disrupting your circadian rhythm? Use NitePad.

Agriculture researchers want crops to start producing odors that attract pest predators.

Your future diet might be determined by a personalized algorithm based on your gut bacteria.

Bernd Heinrich is a cool dude.

Gut bacteria and brain function: an overview.

Ancient Romans living in Pompeii had perfect teeth and no dentists. They also didn’t eat sugar.

Recipe Corner

  • From Paleo Magazine, this chilled cucumber mash looks quite refreshing.
  • Holiday-spiced turkey and beef grain-free meatloaf.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 13 – Oct 19)

Comment of the Week

After I encounter a sweaty badass workout woman I log on to my Peeple app and rate her.

– As one does.

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