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September 27 2015

Weekend Link Love – Edition 367

By Mark Sisson

Weekend Link Love

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted an essay for the Primal Blueprint Scholarship. Between my staff and I, we read every single submission (and there were LOTS of submissions). The sincerity, passion, and strength in each and every essay makes me proud to be part of this community, and thankful to those that read what I write here at Mark’s Daily Apple. And, of course, I’d like to give a big congratulations to our three scholarship winners: Lana, Buck and Tanja. We’re all thrilled to have you on board the growing community of Primal Blueprint Certified Experts! Thanks again, everyone. I hope to see many of you in the program soon. Grok on!

Research of the Week

Drinking ketones sustained athletic performance while reducing muscle glycogen utilization.

A Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic supplement helped allergic infants overcome dairy protein allergy by shifting the composition of their biomes and increasing butyrate production.

If you’re going to sit, fidget. It could counteract some of the damage.

Rosacea might be an adaptive response to low UV environments.

Breast sex is Primal.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Sitting: it’s bad for kids, too.

Speaking of which, could standing desks solve the childhood obesity epidemic?

A thorough rebuttal of some of the points made and references used in the “paleo starch” paper from last month.

How dairy and coconut fat protect against type 2 diabetes.

Media, Schmedia

Thanks to Craig Venter’s new company, whole exome tests may soon be available for just $250.

Of the autopsies performed on 91 former NFL players, 87 revealed chronic brain disease.

Everything Else

Every person emits a unique bacterial aura.

Scientists have discovered the earliest evidence of ambush hunting by humans in the Kenyan Rift.

Look at this cocky motor protein strut along cytoskeletal filament.

If you’ve got one, you can use your 3-D printer to make your own replicas of the new Homo naledi fossils. The data is free to access.

Neanderthals were avid bird-catchers. Why?

Early Americans were eating salmon at least 11,500 years ago. Better have been wild!

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 29 – Oct 5)

Comment of the Week

Is butter a bribe?

Great show.

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  1. I am tired of the absolutely wrong and abusive notion that somehow ketosis and starvation are twins. It is such a pathetic aberration it is right up there with low-fat is good for you. Starvation is dying from NOT EATING, and the process thereof of NOT EATING. Ketosis is just one of two metabolic states while you ARE EATING. Drinking ketones is not creating starvation-like conditions. It is creating one of two possible metabolic states. Starvation is not eating. Ketosis is eating. For the researchers to say they invoked in a person who IS eating starvation conditions is definitional nonsense.

    1. There are different types and degrees of ketogenic diets. Some do mimic starvation (for medical reasons) by severely limiting calorie content derived from protein and carbohydrates. The difference is usually made up with copious amounts of fat in order to keep the body from wasting away.

  2. A variation on egg drop soup is to make what my Italian family calls stracciatella: get the bone broth to a rolling boil, slowly whisk in your eggs, and then add fresh chopped spinach until it’s just wilted. When I want it a little heartier, I add some cooked chicken. If you eat cheese, grate a little parmigiano over it before serving.

    This is the quickest meal to make, and has everything in one pot (and one bowl). My daughter LOVES this and for years it was our standing Thursday night dinner. Bone broth would cook overnight and all day, and by the time we were home from school and work, I could ladle the broth into a stovetop pot and finish up the meal in less than 10 minutes.

  3. Fantastic rebuttal on the paleo starch. Thanks for another top-notch Link Love.

  4. “Every person emits a unique bacterial aura.”

    LOL. Science “discovers” what trailing dog handlers have known for decades. I know you all probably think “wow, neat,” but I’m pretty sure this was discussed in the 1972 version of “Scent and the Scenting Dog” by William Syrotuck. My K9 Turbo would be highly amused to hear of this.