September 13 2015

Weekend Link Love – Edition 365

By Mark Sisson

Weekend Link Love

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Research of the Week

Researchers have established a causal relationship between early-life exposure to farm dust and lifelong protection from asthma and allergies.

Compounds found in apples and green tomatoes may stave off age-related muscle atrophy.

Suburban lawns are foisting sex changes on frog populations.

Kids who drink the most sugar-sweetened beverages have higher triglycerides than kids who drink the fewest (who in turn have higher HDL).

Fecal transplant is still the best treatment we have for C. difficile infection, and it probably can help treat colitis.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How contact lenses affect your cornea.

Facebook isn’t real (but it can still be useful).

Media, Schmedia

Yet another sugar substitute rears its head.

Kevin Folta, a plant science professor and longtime “independent” GMO proponent, might not be so independent of industry influence.

Everything Else

As preschool free play declines to make way for academic rigor, some teachers are noticing an increase in children’s sensory and social issues. Kids are “frequently falling out of their seats” and “running into each other and the walls.” They’re “just different.”

Would you wear a refrigerator to lose weight?

Natto ice cream won’t melt (but will it have vitamin K2?).

Google’s trying to tackle diabetes.

Kickstarter campaign for a new adjustable standing desk that works with both kids and adults.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 15 – Sep 21)

Comment of the Week

To the man with the perfect poop…his poop is his bread and butter!

But is it gluten-free?

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  1. I’ve recently decided that if you treat these juice recipes as a cold soup recipe they can be yummy and useful.

    I chuck things into my blender and sometimes add some chicken stock if it’s too thick to blend well. Don’t strain and you get the full benefit of the fiber.

  2. They really need to leave ice cream alone! It is ice “cream” after all.

  3. I’d would have worn that refrigerated clothing to sleep during the heat wave we’ve been having here in So Cal. Most older houses where I live do not have air conditioning, mine included.

    Perhaps the pre-school story explains why so many Milennials have anxiety.

    1. I’m really surprised to read that, you can’t buy a portable one? Where I live, there is virtually no house equipped with air conditioning but many people still have at least one unit installed every summer.

  4. The end myopia site is really interesting! Everything I’ve read makes so much sense. I just don’t imagine my 9 year old self being able to manage school with a pair of glasses for writing and another one for reading the board. I understand why my parents bought me bifocal lenses. The funny thing is that I’m pretty sure I never use the reading segment to read these days. I’ll need to look into it the next time I change my lenses.

  5. Without play school is just an organized sadistic form of torture.

    1. It’s organized torture even with play. Play makes it a bit more bearable… sometimes. If you’re not the kid being bullied, anyway.

  6. The best sugar substitute is to just stop eating & swilling the damned stuff, or at least limit it to occasions when it really counts, like a teaspoon in a big mug of cocoa, in place of dessert.

    Seriously a sweet tooth is about the easiest thing to lose, and yet millions of people are suffering and dying, and millions more animals being tormented and killed in labs, in the frantic quest for ways to sustain it.

    It’s like looking for ways to sustain a cocaine habit that don’t involve cocaine but deliver the peripherals – instead of just ending the damned addiction.

    IMO anyone who buys a sugar substitute bears a moral responsibility for all the people who have a strong negative reaction to it, and all the animal testing etc, because these sweeteners don’t just exist from ages ago, they wouldn’t be cooked up in the first place if people weren’t eagerly waiting for them.

    It’s warped.

  7. That story about Google & diabetes has a sinister undertone – from the article:

    ‘ “It’s really hard for people to manage their blood sugar,” said Jacquelyn Miller, a Google Life Sciences spokeswoman, in an interview with KQED. “We’re hoping to take some of the guesswork out of it.”

    …”There’s been an explosion of wearables, data and analytics,” Chae said. “People with diabetes are more comfortable living in a measured world.” ‘

    (Chae is executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter at the American Diabetes Association.)

    So, we have a population who have an unpleasant necessity to monitor their biological processes, teamed with an immensely powerful and largely unaccountable company intent on tracking, linking and monitoring your interests, consumption, contacts, and anything else it can get.

    I’m not a tinfoil hatter, but am I the only person alarmed by this conjunction?

  8. Note that the natto is going to be used to reduce the saturated fat in ice cream. That ice cream crystallizes without it is apparently the only thing that’s kept the milk fat in there.

  9. “As preschool free play declines to make way for academic rigor, some teachers are noticing an increase in children’s sensory and social issues. Kids are “frequently falling out of their seats” and “running into each other and the walls.” They’re “just different.”

    Just great. Now the future will be not only dumb but clumsy too.

  10. HA! I love the juice recipe, it is ashame i’ll never own a juicer.

  11. The free play issue is one of the reason we’re planning to homeschool our future kid. For all that schools are touted as providing “socialization” that homeschooled kids allegedly miss out on, I think they’re doing their students a disservice – as shown by that article.