Weekend Link Love – Edition 35

Running wild through the internet like a greased pig at a county fair, it’s the bacon explosion. The bane of vegetarians and the New York Times, but is it unhealthy or is it Primal? Feel free to chime in.

I received a few emails this week from frustrated readers who had read a post from Fitness Fixation discussing the struggles of low carb dieting. While I don’t agree with much (anything?) of what the nutritionist has to say, I do believe many people jump into low carb dieting without much knowledge on how to eat right. The result is a diet low in both carbs and fat, thus not enough fuel to maintain strength and energy. Let me know what you think.

Shopping Cart Olympics? Cranky Fitness discusses the way we judge other peoples’ groceries purchases, and how some people take it to the extreme. Don’t believe me? Watch this movie about competitive grocery shopping.

We’re a month into 2009, and many of you are giving a second go at the Primal Challenge. While the results can be great, the initial steps aren’t always easy. The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. has an informative series on why going low carb can be harder the second time around (And here’s part 2 and part 3).

It may be flu season, but avoid the flu shots. Go for IF Life’s tips for fighting the flu on $4 a month.

And finally, Fox News reports on better student performances in sugar free schools.


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