Weekend Link Love – Edition 35

Running wild through the internet like a greased pig at a county fair, it’s the bacon explosion. The bane of vegetarians and the New York Times, but is it unhealthy or is it Primal? Feel free to chime in.

I received a few emails this week from frustrated readers who had read a post from Fitness Fixation discussing the struggles of low carb dieting. While I don’t agree with much (anything?) of what the nutritionist has to say, I do believe many people jump into low carb dieting without much knowledge on how to eat right. The result is a diet low in both carbs and fat, thus not enough fuel to maintain strength and energy. Let me know what you think.

Shopping Cart Olympics? Cranky Fitness discusses the way we judge other peoples’ groceries purchases, and how some people take it to the extreme. Don’t believe me? Watch this movie about competitive grocery shopping.

We’re a month into 2009, and many of you are giving a second go at the Primal Challenge. While the results can be great, the initial steps aren’t always easy. The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. has an informative series on why going low carb can be harder the second time around (And here’s part 2 and part 3).

It may be flu season, but avoid the flu shots. Go for IF Life’s tips for fighting the flu on $4 a month.

And finally, Fox News reports on better student performances in sugar free schools.


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  1. As for the bacon explosion..I don’t see why it can’t be primal…Making your own sausage isn’t hard, and you can use your own bbq sauce with no sugar…so why not..if you can find quality bacon that doesn’t have nitrates(or again make your own, but thats kinda time consuming)

  2. I think is is unfortunate that any low carb system is often only seen as a diet, a short term option to fix a problem. It needs to be viewed as a livestyle, as the Primal Blueprint says. Really the Paleo diet should have been called the Paleo lifestyle too.
    Few people become Vege for the purpose of a diet, they choose a Vegetarian lifetsyle, a whole package. I think choosing the PB, Paleo or a more generic low carb regime as a diet will often lead to failure because the reason for starting it is perhaps wrong. Unless people change their lifestyle then long term gains are unlikely because they will creep back to the same old habits.

  3. It’s really not a comparison between a Low Carb Diet and a Normal diet, but between a Normal Carb Diet and an Excess Carb Diet. Well that’s what my BG meter tells me and my full lipid panels agree with it. So does most 21st century dietary research. You want a Food Pyramid?


    That’s a big step in the right direction. 60 – 70% carbs will in time I suspect be seen as an unwise experiment and directly responsible for the “epidemics” of Type 2 and other cardiovascular diseases and obesity which it has obviously failed to “cure”.

    Increasingly it’s the dieticians who are being left out in the cold.

  4. Bacon Explosion: I think if you replace the italian sausage with some good ground grass-fed beef, buffalo or lamb and scratch the bbq sauce, it can be perfectly primal. I am actually considering trying it that way myself.

    The SoG

  5. I think the bacon explosion is primal – excessive, but primal.

    I also agree with you on the low carb/low fat thing…

  6. Great inks. I always look forward to this on Sunday’s as I know you pickup on loads of stuff missed out on during the week. The HFCS and mercury is shocking, and to think I’m concerned about Mercury in tinned tuna imagine the amount in HFCS. Also MOD’s article is superb and earnt a worthy place in this weeks links. Looking forward to what’s coming this week Mark!

  7. I am not surprised about the HFCS and the mercury. Though at this point, I’m not sure which is more harmful: the syrup or the mercury.

  8. I made the Bacon Explosion this weekend to serve at a brunch for neighbors (meat lovers). Assembled it the night before, fired up the grill to smoke at 7:30 am. Made the BBQ sauce while the BE smoked on the grill.

    It was OK, nothing great, basically a novelty. I agree with SOG’s hunch, the BBQ sauce isn’t needed at all, though it does make a nicer looking presentation (smoked bacon stays a bit gray). The rub, too, probably, isn’t needed and isn’t the right flavor for Italian sausage. I probably wouldn’t make it again (though I did look at smokers on the BE’s website ads, which I guess is why they lure us there in the first place).

    I’ve been eating LC for 5 years this month and it has never been that very hard to stick to. When I have strayed (either from temporary temptation or due to circumstance) it’s always so great to get right back to LC! But I do think it’s easiest to chooose LC foods if one has a good understanding of biochemistry and food macronutrient content, and isn’t reliant on too many packaged or prepared foods. But perhaps that’s me. Once I can see a former favorite in another light (as a huge dose of blood sugar damage), much of the allure is gone.

  9. Hi Mark and everyone,

    What do you make of the comment in the Fitness Fixation post about a low-carb diet causing dehydration?