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Weekend Link Love – Edition 344

Today’s the last day to submit your success story and enter to win a year’s supply of the Primal Essentials Kit. Learn more here [1].

Research of the Week

Tylenol blunts [2] positive and negative emotional reactions.

How much exercise do we need to live the longest [3]?

Synovial fluid bubbles cause popping joints [4].

Researchers just found [5] the world’s oldest (known) stone tools.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 63: Robin Mazumder [6]: Host Brock Armstrong talks with Robin Mazumder, a community builder committed to making healthier, happier, more socially-connected cities.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Sarah Fragoso has just launched her new site [11]. Everyday Paleo lives on, but the new site gets a bit more personal.

The “ancestral gut biome” story is getting more complicated [12].

Distraction as “obesity of the mind [13].”

An impressive health journey [14].

Media, Schmedia

The free range parents from Maryland who had a run-in with Child Protective Services in February after letting their kids walk alone to the park (and wrote in to MDA [15]) just had another incident. This time, CPS held their kids for hours without telling them [16].

Human beings are not programmed for abundance” [17]: how therapeutic fasting could help solve many of our health issues.

Prescription nature [18].

Everything Else

The last hunter-gatherers [19].

The path to progress for Saudi women includes regular CrossFit workouts [20].

All I can think of is how awesome this would be [21] for straining broth.

Men wear high heels [22] for the first time.

SalmoFan [23].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 20 – Apr 26)

Comment of the Week

I’m the least competitive person I know, therefore I win.

– Yep. That’s how you do it [28], folks.