April 19 2015

Weekend Link Love – Edition 344

By Mark Sisson

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Research of the Week

Tylenol blunts positive and negative emotional reactions.

How much exercise do we need to live the longest?

Synovial fluid bubbles cause popping joints.

Researchers just found the world’s oldest (known) stone tools.

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Episode 63: Robin Mazumder: Host Brock Armstrong talks with Robin Mazumder, a community builder committed to making healthier, happier, more socially-connected cities.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Sarah Fragoso has just launched her new site. Everyday Paleo lives on, but the new site gets a bit more personal.

The “ancestral gut biome” story is getting more complicated.

Distraction as “obesity of the mind.”

An impressive health journey.

Media, Schmedia

The free range parents from Maryland who had a run-in with Child Protective Services in February after letting their kids walk alone to the park (and wrote in to MDA) just had another incident. This time, CPS held their kids for hours without telling them.

Human beings are not programmed for abundance”: how therapeutic fasting could help solve many of our health issues.

Prescription nature.

Everything Else

The last hunter-gatherers.

The path to progress for Saudi women includes regular CrossFit workouts.

All I can think of is how awesome this would be for straining broth.

Men wear high heels for the first time.


Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 20 – Apr 26)

Comment of the Week

I’m the least competitive person I know, therefore I win.

– Yep. That’s how you do it, folks.

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  1. The “Obesity of the Mind” link (about manufactured distractions everywhere) is awesome. Can’t thank you enough for linking us to something concise about this topic that we can have family members read.

    1. Manufactured distractions = marketing

      Too bad this didn’t take age-related distraction into account, and believe me, it has NOTHING to do with marketing!

  2. For me, dark chocolate is just barely okay. I’ll eat it now and then, but it certainly isn’t my favorite flavor. I much prefer milk chocolate or white chocolate if I’m going to eat chocolate at all. Actually, there isn’t anyone in my immediate or extended family that is a chocoholic.

  3. I’m having trouble accessing the forums – anyone else have this problem? My phone app works fine, but can’t get there on my laptop.

  4. Correction – my phone app doesn’t seem to work either 🙁

  5. Synovial fluid bubbles: old news. I explained this to my mother 50 years ago, and she said she didn’t care, I was to STOP cracking my knuckles.

    “Obesity of the mind” = fatheads? But seriously, a very nice article.

    Sugar: really could use a clarification. What is meant here: total sugar including that naturally occurring in unprocessed foods, or added sugar?

    MD CPS: can you say “false imprisonment?”

  6. Fasting definitely seems to be the healthy reset button.

    Now I know why I don’t give a flying !@#$. I’ve been emotionally blunted by my Tylenol addiction 🙂

  7. It’s interesting that when I went primal the incidences of my joints popping decreased. From that article the mechanism of the pop is induced by expanding the gap in the joint through stretching/increasing the range of motion of the joint. The volume of the gap becomes greater than the volume the synovial fluid is able to occupy; this would seem to suggest that those with less synovial fluid around the joints would experience more popping. The act “popping” your joints itself seems not to be detrimental but I wonder if a joints readiness to pop could be indicative of less lubrication i.e. less synovial fluid around that joint.

  8. Lots of interesting articles here. The gut biome article, makes you wonder if the diverse flora found in folks with colonies of a kind of “parasitic amoeba” and a couple of types of worms (yuck … I’m not a clinical person and I tend to be a little ethno-centric) is a defense mechanism or something symbiotic / healthy? The fasting article, something to that I believe, I was doing IF for a while (only ate during an 8 hour period) and I got pretty ripped for a guy my age. Due to some sports injuries and other issues stopped doing that, I’ll have to reconsider going forward. An extended fast twice a year, not sure if I have the discipline to do that and my weight is already low (maybe too low). The article on distraction, it was … wait … just got a text …

  9. So when we talk about the Hadza, or any other hunter-gatherers, consuming honey, it is not the refined syrup we can buy in the supermarket, but a concoction that includes bee pieces, larvae, and the honey comb as well.

    1. Yes, that’s what it’s like. The bee brood is highly sought after. The grubs are rich in fat and protein, and taste like honey mixed with cream. Yes, I have eaten them, and have frequently presented them to brave folks when I’ve been working entomophagy presentations. In wild hives and simple skeps, there is no separation of brood comb and honey comb as there is in the Langstroth hives used by first-world beekeepers.

  10. That honey looks so delicious. Comb honey can be found here but by law it won’t have any larvae in it.