Weekend Link Love – Edition 336

Weekend Link LovePrimal Kitchen™ Mayo officially launched this week! You can get single jars at Thrive Market. Register for an account at Thrive Market using this link and you’ll be entered to win a $500 gift certificate and 1 of 20 annual memberships ($60 value). Offer expires Wednesday, Feb. 25. Or you can order 3-packs from PrimalBlueprint.com.

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Research of the Week

Topical animal collagen — in this instance, from tilapia skin — quickens wound healing.

Primary prevention risk calculators are overestimating the chance of heart attacks by up to 154% in men and 67% in women. Yup, the very same risk assessments telling us we’ll all die if we don’t start statins immediately.

A key ketone metabolite blocks the inflammatory cascade triggered by a specific set of genes.

“For every hour later of [artificial light exposure] in the day, there was a 1.28 unit increase in BMI…”

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 55: Al Kavadlo: Host Brock Armstrong talks to Al Kavadlo, calisthenics wizard, bodyweight training expert, prolific author, and all-around awesome guy about Al’s training philosophy, his books, the role of inspiration in effecting lasting change, and much more.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Tight hips and hamstrings are at the root of many movement dysfunctions, and people who sit a lot are liable to end up with both. These videos from Angelo dela Cruz will show you how to give your hips and hammies some much-needed love.

Why the sun (and the vitamin D it provides) is so important for your periodontal health.

Media, Schmedia

Low-fat advice was bad advice, admits yet another media outlet.

Citing the latest evidence, Australian doctors are recommending that patients stop antibiotics once they feel better. The full course isn’t actually necessary after all (and may be harmful).

Everything Else

A first-grade teacher in Saskatchewan has outfitted his class with standup desks.

Antibiotic-resistant pathogens are increasingly moving, as pathogens are wont to do, from pigs to people.

Have we gotten the science behind anti-depressants totally backwards?

Scientists have just mapped the epigenome.

Hey, east coasters: keep it down, will ya?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 23 – Mar 1)

Comment of the Week

There is apparently some small risk of getting variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (essentially mad cow disease in humans) from elk. The disease agent is a prion, which is resistant to high temperatures, and so the brains, spinal cord, and some other parts shouldn’t even be handled, let alone eaten, in areas where the wild elk population is known to have the disease.


“Hunters who harvest deer or elk from known CWD-positive areas may wish to consider having the animal tested for CWD before consuming the meat (information about testing is available from most state wildlife agencies). Persons involved in field-dressing carcasses should wear gloves, bone-out the meat from the animal, and minimize handling of the brain and spinal cord tissues.”

Risk is small, but still … google “CWD hunters” for more than you ever wanted to know.

– Thanks for the warning, reader Anne and others.

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