Weekend Link Love – Edition 333

Weekend Link LoveHey, everyone. The 10th Annual People’s Podcast Awards are underway, and they’re taking votes now. I’d really appreciate it if you hopped on over and gave us a vote in a category or three. Thanks!

Research of the Week

Oral dosing of a supplement containing the probiotic L. rhamnosus and some peanut protein led to complete resolution of allergy in 80% of subjects with peanut allergy.

Just 20 minutes a day of strength training is associated with significantly greater long term protection against abdominal obesity than aerobic exercise.

Celiac disease has tripled among British tykes in the last 20 years.

Early Americans were taking out large prey with (and building) atlatls at least 18000 years ago.

At a given BMI, Chinese adults are at greater risk for obesity-related health problems than white Americans. A white American BMI of 30 (obese) is roughly equivalent to a Chinese BMI of 26.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 52: Interview With NY Times Bestselling Author Ashley Merryman, Part 2: Brad continues the conversation from last week with Ashley Merryman about her new ideas on parenting and competition.

Each week, select Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts are prepared as Primal Blueprint Podcasts. Need to catch up on reading, but don’t have the time? Prefer to listen to articles while on the go? Check out the new blog post podcasts below, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast here so you never miss an episode.

The Definitive Guide to Fermented Foods

Interesting Blog Posts

If you’ve ever wondered about the subtle difference between training and testing your mettle, look no further than this explanation from Chris Adams, firefighter and PrimalCon alum extraordinaire.

Why working from home increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Media, Schmedia

A Parisian chef is pairing food-flavored hookah (tobacco-free) smoke with his entrees.

The true cause of addiction might be a lack of connection with the people and world around us. Also, a magical place called Rat Park once existed.

Everything Else

The readers of Paleo Magazine chose Primal Fuel as the best product in the supplements category for 2014!

best product primal fuel 540

PaleoFX is coming to Austin this April, and I’ll be there. You guys should get your tickets and come, too.

Two brothers snuck into Tibet to learn the yak dairy trade. Now, they want to start the only yak cheese-making operation in the United States, in Paso Robles, CA. This is their Kickstarter campaign. I think it sounds pretty cool.

Moonlight in a light bulb.

We’re apparently unboiling eggs now.

Of course Japanese commuters are planting vegetable gardens on top of train stations.

Recipe Corner

  • Cold out? Happen to have a bunch of edible roots sitting around? Make sweet potato carrot apple ginger soup.
  • You can get anyone to eat their broccoli when you mash it with coconut milk and sea salt.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 2 – Feb 8)

Comment of the Week

“Salt intake is not associated with overall mortality or risk of heart disease and heart failure.”

But it is positively correlated with deliciousness :D

– And I believe the correlation is causal.

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