Weekend Link Love – Edition 329

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Research of the Week

Kids who ate chicken off the bone were subsequently more aggressive, active, and distrustful of authority than kids who ate chicken breast. Yeah, I don’t know either.

An obesity gene only became an obesity gene in people born after 1942.

“Optimized meat products higher in omega-3” reduce body fat more than “optimized” products lower in overall fat. So, grass-fed beef.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 48: World Speedgolf Champion Rob Hogan: Brad chats with Rob Hogan, the fastest golfer in the world, about bonking, good carbs, and the difficulty of training for this uniquely demanding sport.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Is social withdrawal the real first line of immune defense for introverts?

Tips for a healthy, active home life.

A condensed history of cholesterol research.

Media, Schmedia

Consider turning down the thermostat. Year round warmth could be making some of us fat.

The Economist investigates why we (think we?) are so busy all the time.

Everything Else

The rise of the super-short workout.

The truth behind the organic egg industry (or, why pastured eggs are still the best choice).

Pagan animism, morning headstands on musk ox hides, and walking the path of love and intent: the rime of a Danish mariner preparing to die (7 minute short film).

Send this video to the people who wonder why you wear orange goggles at night and value sleep so much.

Australians: check out The Paleo Way, a new TV show about, well, you can guess what.

Ex-vegan Big Loser trainer Bob Harper is now fully paleo and gushed about it in a recent interview.

An Australian pro football club has gone paleo.

According to the former editor of the BMJ, cancer is the best way to die.

Genetic modification may allow the return of the American chestnut, a tree that once covered 25% of eastern US forests and provided ample (and delicious) food for people and wildlife until the introduction of Asian chestnut blight wiped them out. What say you?

Recipe Corner

  • Seared scallops are one of those foods that are ruined by imprecise cooking. They’re expensive, too, so you’d better do them perfectly.
  • It’s crab season. Go make some crab cakes.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 4 – Jan 10)

Comment of the Week

If I’m thinking white crystalline substances that cause hypertension, sugar and salt aren’t the only things that spring to mind.

– Hmm, now what could you possibly be referring to?

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