Weekend Link Love – Edition 328

Weekend Link Love

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Research of the Week

In a middle-aged Japanese population, coffee intake was protective against colon cancer. Green tea had no relationship to colon cancer risk.

Farming gave us weaker bones.

If there’s any white crystalline substance that directly causes hypertension, sugar’s the more likely culprit than salt (PDF).

It’s not all about butyrate. Supplementing with propionate, another short chain fatty acid produced by the fermentation of fiber in the gut, lowered belly and liver fat in humans.

iPads are really bad for sleep.

In adults at risk of type 2 diabetes, a lower-carb, higher-fat diet reduces abdominal and intramuscular fat and increases insulin sensitivity.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Why you should make more of your workouts look (and feel) easy.

Dr. Ron explores how the lifestyle factors that increase heart disease risk probably also increase cancer risk.

Media, Schmedia

Actually, (properly grazed) cows are good for the environment.

It turns out that the dire warnings against parent/infant co-sleeping have been exaggerated — and they probably put more babies at risk.

Everything Else

Dr. Ron Sinha sat down with That Paleo Show to talk about a culturally-tailored approach to living Primal.

In Argentina, an organgutan was just granted “non-human personhood.”

How Americans die (in beautiful graph form).

What 2,000 calories looks like in chain restaurant fare.

Sparks literally fly when an egg meets sperm. Zinc sparks.

What happens when an office eliminates sitting altogether by removing all the chairs?

Kangaroo 1, drone 0.

20 ways to see the light.

There are limitations to blinded studies.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 28 – Jan 3)

Comment of the Week

I think he was just WAXING poetic.

Indeed I was.

About the Author

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