Weekend Link Love – Edition 326

Weekend Link LoveChef Rachel Albert, Healthy Cooking Coach and dear personal friend, has been battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer for three years. She has one small spot left to clear up, but her treatment has hit her pretty hard financially and she’s asking for your help. If you can spare anything, it would mean a lot to her and to me.

Dropped by the Dr. Oz show recently to represent for the paleo movement. The episode aired last Friday, a preview of which can be viewed here. Let me know what you think in the comment board.

In case you missed the big announcement, Primal Mayo is coming soon! Check out the announcement post and be sure to enter to win a jar from the very first batch.

Ever wonder what you’re made of? Starting tomorrow and going through Friday the 19th, Ben Greenfield is putting on REV Yourself, a free online conference where Ben and 25 health and performance experts (including yours truly) help you discover and realize your ultimate performance potential. Everything goes live tomorrow, so sign up today!

I hung out with James Maskell of the Evolution of Medicine podcast to talk about hidden genetic switches, the microbiome, and why doctors need to be part of our movement. Give it a listen.

Research of the Week

A randomized controlled trial in elderly Korean adults found that drinking soy milk from a can caused increases in urinary BPA and blood pressure that were not seen in those drinking soy milk from a glass bottle.

Prenatal exposure to two common phthalates was linked to a big drop in child IQ at age 7.

Reducing the number of continuous hours a medical resident could work caused no additional patient deaths or hospital readmissions.

When organic farmers implement “agroecological practices like intercropping and crop rotations,” the yield differences between organic and conventional agriculture all but disappear.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 46: Interview with Ronda Collier: How Heart Rate Variability Can Help You Manage Stress – Brad Kearns sits down with Ronda Collier, CEO of Sweetwater Health, makers of the Sweetbeat Life, which is my favorite heart rate variability monitoring app on iOS. Brock Armstrong, the voice of the MDA blog podcasts and ambassador for Sweetbeat, also joins the party. HRV just might be the most powerful biomarker available for assessing stress, recovery, and overall health, and today’s podcast will tell you everything you need to know about monitoring it.

Each week, select Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts are prepared as Primal Blueprint Podcasts. Need to catch up on reading, but don’t have the time? Prefer to listen to articles while on the go? Check out the new blog post podcasts below, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast here so you never miss an episode.

Interesting Blog Posts

Instead of issuing dire warnings against the use of ketogenic diets in brain cancer patients, perhaps we should be warning against not trying them.

Civilization (sorry, UKers, but I gotta go with “z”) is boring.

Media, Schmedia

If your doctor writes you a prescription for exercise, does that mean your insurance company pays for your squat rack?

A Colorado elementary school district is giving its students outdoor “Vitamin D breaks.”

Everything Else

The ability to detoxify and digest alcohol-containing fermenting forest fruits may have played a key role in our evolution.

Our oceans contain a minimum of 269,000 tons of plastic, according to researchers. But a lot of it is still unaccounted for.

Want to learn how to integrate Allan Savory’s holistic methods into your own land and livestock management? There’s an online certification for that.

Coca-Cola is making milk?

This’ll cheer you up.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 14– Dec 20)

Comment of the Week

The highest risk alternative is doing the diddly squat.

Well done.

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