Weekend Link Love – Edition 320

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

Paleo and Mediterranean diets are associated with equally low risks for colon cancer.

Feeding meat as a complementary food to breast-fed infants increases growth, but not body fat.

A deleterious genetic variant normally associated with hypoketotic hypoglycemia and high infant mortality is extremely common among Arctic populations who traditionally consumed a high-fat, high-protein diet, suggesting that it wasn’t always so deleterious.

Cocoa flavanols improve memory in older adults.

Side planks improve scoliosis and reduce spinal curve.

Three glasses of milk a day linked to increased mortality and more fractures in women. Fermented milk, however, had the opposite effect.

Ancient Polynesian seafarers likely made it to South America, according to new genetic evidence.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 40: Interview with Ben Greenfield, Author of Beyond Training: Host Brad Kearns talks to Ben Greenfield, endurance athlete, trainer, and author about the need for balancing newer training methods with older ones, how to use heart rate variability monitoring, and the intersection between Ben’s training methodologies and Primal principles.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How the placebo effect is more interesting and powerful than previously imagined.

Cumin as a powerful weight loss aid.

I give some advice on how to get big in a healthy way over at Spot Me Bro.

A great review of PrimalCon at Experience Life. (Experience Life is giving MDA readers a discount on their print mag. Use this link to get a discounted rate, 2 free issues and 4 free guides.)

Media, Schmedia

I gotta say: I like Steven Rinella’s idea of fitness.

A fair look at the gluten issue from The New Yorker.

Everything Else

Brain researchers are studying surfers to see “what stoke looks like in the brain.”

A bionic boot promises to enable running speeds of 25 MPH (and eventually even faster). I think I’ll wait for bionic knee and hip joints first.

What’s this video of night skiers in LED suits got to do with Primal health and fitness? Not much, honestly (and it might even disrupt your circadian rhythm), but it’s cool.

Farms are using more antibiotics than ever.

What a disgrace of an “artist.”

Pesticides might be making farm workers depressed.

Despite the push to place more patients on statins, most British GPs are resisting.

Ikea’s got a slick new button-adjustable stand-up desk.

Sorry, vegans. Plants know when they’re being eaten.

To maximize dermal BPA absorption from receipts, be sure to use liberal amounts of the hand sanitizer provided at grocery store entrances.

Recipe Corner

  • With colder weather coming, it’s high time for a Thai red fish curry.
  • Baby, get yourself a North African stew going.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 2 – Nov 8)

Comment of the Week

You’re right. It’s not Tolkien. It was one of the lines given to Gimli in the film to make him a comic relief character.

In fact, the opposite is true. Dwarves have amazing endurance, and can cover very long distances quickly whilst hauling heavy loads and are still able to fight at their destination (e.g. Dain’s people in the Battle of Five Armies). That’s not to say they aren’t good sprinters—they certainly run for their lives with the best of them—but cross country is something they are pretty darn good at.

But we are not built the same way as dwarves, so taking fitness advice from them might not be a good idea.

– An excellently nerdy comment, the best kind.

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