Weekend Link Love – Edition 318

Weekend Link LoveWe’ve got three Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminars coming up: In NYC on November 1; Richmond, VA on November 15; and West Bloomfield, MI, also on November 15. Kickstart your Primal lifestyle – or give someone else the gift of a lifetime!

Research of the Week

Eating disorders may have a gut bacterial origin.

Biomarkers of dairy fat consumption are yet again associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Is Ebola more virulent in selenium-deficient people (an old PDF)?

Even in surgery, the placebo effect exist.

A “Paleothitic-type diet” has favorable effects on the metabolic syndrome (PDF), including weight loss despite “efforts to keep bodyweight stable.”

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode #38: Ask the Primal Doctor – Q&A with Dr. Cate Shanahan – Dr. Shanahan covers a wide variety of topics, including hormone replacement therapy (for men and women), hot flashes, pharmaceutical treatment of mild hypertension, and a little-known predictor of longevity and healthspan.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Pediatric medicine’s damaging oversight: sleep.

Before you use buttered coffee in place of a meal, heed these warnings.

This might be why resistant starch gives (most) people such wild dreams.

Dr. Briffa’s thoughts on walking versus running. I mostly concur.

No, vegetable oil fatty acids are not essential – as long as you’re eating seafood or taking DHA supplements.

How cooking, cooling, and cooking starches again reduces their glycemic impact more than just cooking and cooling them.

Media, Schmedia

BBC science journalist questions the conventional wisdom regarding saturated fat. He’s still a little leery of it, but it’s a fair piece.

Outside Magazine covers the growing trend of high-fat diets among endurance athletes.

Everything Else

Kids don’t just need to move. They need to spin, roll, flip upside down, and fall down on daily basis.

A very moving video and spoken-word piece about the effect technology has on our social lives.

The NY Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire takes red wine baths after games.

If you feel like reaching for that second (or third) cup of coffee, go right ahead. That’s probably just your genes helping you reach your optimal caffeine dosage.

A new two-legged chair makes sitting a “bearable discomfort” that’s healthier than the traditional way.

If only it were a bald eagle instead of a hawk.


Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 19 – Oct 25)

Comment of the Week

“I’m not normally into literary works, but this post was interesting, Mark. And for some reason once I reached the end of reading the Beethoven section, I realized I had read it as Beeth-oven a la ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’”

Wait. That’s not how you pronounce it?

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Resistant starch and sleep? The inter complexity is mind boggling. To think people want to create GMO food or food from a lab. We don’t understand squat!

  2. I looked at the video for the chair, and that woman was not forced into better posture. Sitting with good posture involves more than merely making sure your leg muscles don’t turn off.

  3. The video regarding the effect of technology on our lives brought tears to my eyes. Having resisted many of the so called “social networks” I feel better about many of the choices I’ve made.

  4. Incredible video about technology on our lives. It’s undeniable!

    1. Apparently that hawk in the other video knew something that it’s taken us years to realize.

      Hawk: “No technology for me thanks…CREEEAAAAAWWWW!”

  5. Maybe being in my forties, I use social media but I am not sucked into it. Most of my texts are of the ” honey pick up some milk on the way home from work” type. I use facebook to keep in contact with my relatives who live too far away to visit easily. Same goes for Skype. If I instant message someone it’s usually to set up a place to meet and do stuff. I had a busy social life long before social media. I’ve done historical re-enactment for the last 20 years and every weekend is an enforced hiatus from technology. All the packing and unpacking of gear and walking everywhere all weekend is good exercise too.

  6. Love the chair! I wonder if they custom make them for the bigger bodies?

    Made big Saturday breakfast for the kids: fried rice with pork fat, turkey and bacon. Usually keep cooked rice in the fridge for filler because my kids can eat! It was dang tasty, too. Had some intense dreams this weekend. Colorful and detailed. Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll start charting.

  7. My daughter has recently taken to having us hold her arms. She then does a full flip. Repeats. Good Primal instincts.

  8. I like this fat phobic quote form the BBC article.

    “This isn’t a licence to start eating fry-ups or pouring cream down your throat, because even if the fat doesn’t harm your heart, there’s no doubt eating too many calories will. ”

    You just never hear that caveat with any other food.

    “Vitamin C is important, but that doesn’t mean yon can eat 50 oranges a day!”

    “Fish oil is good for your heart, but that’s not a license to eat two quarts per day!”

    It’s really a way to distance yourself from an uncomfortable truth. The author accepts the truth from the study (natural fats don’t cause heart disease) but can’t quite commit to it because it flies in the face of everything we’ve been trained to believe about fat. So the author throws in a straw man argument at the end to undercut his endorsement of fat. Nobody but nobody has ever suggested that eating carb laden sweets loaded with hydrogenated seed oils is ok. Never, ever, said by anybody…ever. Not even the junk food makers will say or imply that.

    1. I think you’re reading too much into it. The reason no one says you should eat lots of processed foods is because they don’t need to, many people eat far too much of it without encouragement. The author was just cautioning these people that the article was not a green light to eat fatty foods with abandon. There is no similiar caution for eating 50 oranges or drinking quarts of fish oil because no one will do this, similar to why an article boasting the value of essential minerals won’t caution people not to eat rocks.

      1. Normally I’d agree with you but every article I’ve read concerning the British meta report on saturated fat and heart disease said the same thing – there’s no connection, but doesn’t that mean you can’t just go eat a bunch of fat. When that’s exactly what it means. Go ahead, eat eggs and butter and meat and nuts, it won’t give you heart disease.

        And no one will eat piles of fat anyway (it gets old fast and you just get too darn full for too long). So, just as there’s no need to warn someone against eating 50 oranges, there’s no need to warn against too much naturally occurring dietary fat. People’s natural tolerance levels will take care of that possibility.

        I think I’ve only read two mainstream articles about saturated fat that didn’t use the phrase “Artery Clogging Saturated Fat” when referring to saturated fat. Google shows 16,200 exact matches for that phrase.

        I believe the author would not had put that caveat on any other nutrient or food item and I believe it’s from decades of fat phobia. I can’t explain it any other way because it’s so consistent across all media.

        1. Author wants to keep writing for mainstream publications, so doesn’t want to upset mainstream money-streams. You are not reading too much into it, just extrapolating on a direction that some disagree with.

  9. Hey all. I think I have an interesting version of this drink, and if it’s not that new or innovative i hope someone let’s me know so I can come up with something crazier:P

    Anyways, here’s what I use.
    1 half stick of butter(or a quarter bar of kerrigold),
    2 eggs, a large spoonful of coconut oil(because I’ve had trouble finding mct at my usual hunts), some cinnamon, just a little but of salt and a splash of honey.

    I consider myself primal so I don’t stick so closely to the no carbs thing(not that that’s really relavant here). But I feel that this is the best way for me to make bullet proof coffee. It combines the best of several different versions I’ve seen and I basically get an entire breakfast in one 24 ounce thermos. I’m missing some fruits occasionally in the morning but those really aren’t hard to add in but I really like my version. I hope to get a little feedback from someone. Thanks!

  10. I saw that video about social media and your phone, it’s definitely one of my pet hates. Nothing worse than speaking to someone who’s scrolling through Facebook statuses at the same time. Especially if they start watching a cat video.

    1. I went to a party once where at one point people in their late twenties and thirties were all sitting around communicating with their phones. Main interest of the period of the night was how people with access could choose the music remotely with their phones. My wife taps her phone ( that I’m using now!) when I am talking to her quite often. As I call it, tiddly tapping certainly is amazing, but too much and you are a slave.

  11. There is no evidence that any “essential fatty acids” are essential to life. All we know is that the human body can’t manufacture omega 3 or omega 6. There is no study, ever, that shows you need to consume omega 3 and/or omega 6 to survive. There is no known fundamental NEED to eat seafood, nuts, vegetable oils or EPA/DHA supplements. There have been countless societies throughout history that didn’t have access to seafood and omega supplements. I certainly will never take an omega supplement of any kind, especially since fish oil is refined the same way as canola oil is and is therefore ripe with the same trans fats and polymerized fatty acids canola oil is loaded with. I also see no evidence that seafood is more nutritious than land animals. I’m certainly not saying fish and nuts are unhealthy – quite the contrary – but there is no reason to add these things to your diet.