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Weekend Link Love – Edition 311

I recently returned to the The Paleo View podcast to hang out with Stacy and Sara and talk about a bit of everything. Go have a listen [1].

I also paid a visit to Extreme Health Radio [2], where I talked about the importance of cultivating play in our lives, building muscle on our bodies, and much more.

Research of the Week

Stress inhibits calorie burning [3]; calmness enhances it.

As humans doubled our population over the past 35 years, invertebrates lost almost half of theirs [4].

Bright light exposure in the morning was enough to lower body fat and appetite [5] in obese women.

Interesting Blog Posts

The British Medical Journal has just reprimanded [6] one of the UK’s top statin advocates and cleared the arguments of the statin critics he so desperately railed against.

How to identify bad studies [7].

Media, Schmedia

When it comes to cardiovascular health trials, study participants don’t reflect actual real-world patients [8].

To give kids and teens more sleep, the American Academy of Pediatrics just issued [9] a policy statement recommending that schools start no earlier than 8:30 AM. Bravo.

Everything Else

This [10] sounds familiar.

The fascinating story [11] of a real American hermit.

Between pitcher’s shoulder, fractured ribs, a massively muscled frame, and a spearpoint lodged in his hip, this American [12] from 9000 years ago was one tough bastard.

Fish and poultry farmers might start feeding insects instead of soy [13]. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

What (little) we know about Denisovan man [14].

Some people just have a genetic need for less sleep [15].

I don’t know that all of these are definitive answers to the biggest health questions [16], but some of them get it right.

A chef dropped his camera into boiling water not accidentally but to film a poaching egg [17].

Try this Beautiful Practice movement sequence [18] from Frank Forencich tomorrow morning – or right now.

Look at this glorious wombat [19].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 31 – Sep 6)

Comment of the Week

I gave up my 15 year old brick and mortar business for a lower paying gig working from home back in March and couldn’t be happier.

The commute is pretty tough though. Ran into a traffic jam this morning on the way in… cat was in the hallway.

– Google really needs to start mapping cat traffic [24].