Weekend Link Love – Edition 311

Weekend Link LoveI recently returned to the The Paleo View podcast to hang out with Stacy and Sara and talk about a bit of everything. Go have a listen.

I also paid a visit to Extreme Health Radio, where I talked about the importance of cultivating play in our lives, building muscle on our bodies, and much more.

Research of the Week

Stress inhibits calorie burning; calmness enhances it.

As humans doubled our population over the past 35 years, invertebrates lost almost half of theirs.

Bright light exposure in the morning was enough to lower body fat and appetite in obese women.

Interesting Blog Posts

The British Medical Journal has just reprimanded one of the UK’s top statin advocates and cleared the arguments of the statin critics he so desperately railed against.

How to identify bad studies.

Media, Schmedia

When it comes to cardiovascular health trials, study participants don’t reflect actual real-world patients.

To give kids and teens more sleep, the American Academy of Pediatrics just issued a policy statement recommending that schools start no earlier than 8:30 AM. Bravo.

Everything Else

This sounds familiar.

The fascinating story of a real American hermit.

Between pitcher’s shoulder, fractured ribs, a massively muscled frame, and a spearpoint lodged in his hip, this American from 9000 years ago was one tough bastard.

Fish and poultry farmers might start feeding insects instead of soy. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

What (little) we know about Denisovan man.

Some people just have a genetic need for less sleep.

I don’t know that all of these are definitive answers to the biggest health questions, but some of them get it right.

A chef dropped his camera into boiling water not accidentally but to film a poaching egg.

Try this Beautiful Practice movement sequence from Frank Forencich tomorrow morning – or right now.

Look at this glorious wombat.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 31 – Sep 6)

Comment of the Week

I gave up my 15 year old brick and mortar business for a lower paying gig working from home back in March and couldn’t be happier.

The commute is pretty tough though. Ran into a traffic jam this morning on the way in… cat was in the hallway.

– Google really needs to start mapping cat traffic.

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