Weekend Link Love – Edition 31

Here at the Daily Apple type 2 diabetes is a common topic, but type 1 is rarely mentioned. Six Until Me offers some great personal insight on living with type 1 diabetes.

Hungry? Why wait? Eat some dark chocolate. Dr. Briffa explains why dark chocolate may satisfy the appetite more than milk chocolate.

Can one be both vegetarian and Primal? Modern Forager does a good job of tackling this meaty subject. And also, check out these vegetarian protein possibilities.

Adding to the Apple’s long history of cheap Primal food options, read Wisebread’s tips for eating in restaurants and sticking to a budget.

Or forget eating out and cook it yourself. Check out Mary Dan Eades great list of cookbooks (There’s even one for the Primal vegetarian).

The New Year has come, but it’s not too late to send your friend a healthy holiday E-Card specially designed by the Center for Disease Control. Nothing warms the heart like a message from the CDC.

Last month it was upside down yoga and Kermit yoga. This month it’s partner yoga. Next month it will probably be yogahop. Or not.

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