Weekend Link Love – Edition 301

Weekend Link LoveEpisode #24 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast is now live and I think you’re going to dig it. In this week’s podcast, I share my tips for removing a physiological feature with aesthetic and health implications: excess body fat.

Research of the Week

People who stare into computer screens for more than seven hours a day have dysfunctional tear fluid similar to the fluid of patients with clinical dry eye. I think I just felt a disturbance in the universe, as if millions of eyes suddenly blinked and were suddenly aware of how dry they actually are.

Cutting out snacks is a good way to lose body fat, but don’t forget to stock up on exercise snacks.

Broccoli consumption increases urinary excretion of airborne pollutants.

The Trail of Tears shortened Cherokee skulls. Talk about the epigenetic effects of chronic stress.

HFCS-sweetened beverages have even more free fructose floating around than previously assumed. Perhaps HFCS isn’t just the same as sugar.

In mice, pastured cream leads to better metabolic markers and lower intestinal permeability compared to conventional cream.

The best bang-for-your-buck hamstring exercises may be the romanian deadlift and the glute ham raise.

Interesting Blog Posts

Some of the five most important foods for building your kid’s brain.

Yes, barefoot running (not even mentioning barefoot walking) actually is safe and efficient.

Sir Mix-a-Lot recommends that you accentuate the eccentric portion of your glute exercises.

A man stopped sitting for an entire month. Here’s his story.

Media, Schmedia

Leslie Klenke has been busy. She had interviews with Examiner and Beverly Meyer. She wrote guest posts for The Smarter Science of Slim and Energy First. Oh, and she wrote a book.

Gluten-free eating is turning out to be a particularly long-lived, stubborn, persistent fad. Where have I heard that before? Side note: it’s fun to type “gluten free is” into Google. So much anger in the autofill.

National Geographic joins the fat exoneration party.

Walking isn’t always pedestrian.

Just cause you’re frail doesn’t mean you can’t lift (relatively) heavy things.

Everything Else

Even if they’re totally safe, nootropics and other forms of cognitive enhancement that actually work could pose other, deeper problems. What happens if you’re expected to pop modafinil with your coffee and walk around with a transcranial magnetic stimulation device attached to your head just to keep up with everyone else?

Man collects scraps of trash, constructs soccer balls. Three minute video.

It’s looking like the microbiome will be the next frontier in plant and crop health, too.

This looks cool: Steaklocker, a personal meat locker that allows dry aging at home.

Our infants may be able to beat crows some of the time, but chimps can outsmart our adults. Between this and their ability to manhandle large human males like they were kittens, it’s not looking good for us.

They’re trying to bring back Europe’s bison.

Recipe Corner

  • While I definitely prefer a good lamb shawarma, this chicken shawarma ain’t bad. Lime avocado mayo doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Top the shawarma off with some cashew paprika hummus and you’ve just furthered the Middle East peace process.

Time Capsule

One year ago (June 22 – June 28)

Comment of the Week

Not to mention electronics (as well as over-stuffed furniture) are the principal cause of “sitting disease.”

And in reply:

I read this article while sitting on the toilet, creating a black hole of irony that sucked in the entire known universe. Your continued existence is just an illusion. Sorry. :(

That reminds me of the old Bill Hicks joke.

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