Weekend Link Love – Edition 3

Link Love60 in 3 gave us some great tips on how to get your day off to a good start.

Arthur De Vany calls out the average American diet for the fad that it is!

Blog of Herbs gives us a cure for the dreaded Buffet Syndrome (and other culinary over-indulgences!)

Blogger Burning the Scale reviews the book, In Defense of Food¸ which details the value of eating, well, real food!

The Calorie Lab gives us a run-down of the latest summer diet fads featured in women’s magazines.

Cranky Fitness reviews the merits (or in this case, demerits) of an automatic bicycle.

Diethack gets us (or our loved ones) prepped for surgery with the 20 questions you need to ask before you go under the knife.

Dumb Little Man provides a medley of tips designed to keep you fit during your travels.

FitSugar profiles a new detergent designed specifically for your workout wear.

HealthBolt puts on their detective hat to determine whether ice cream can boost fertility.

Nutritious Junk has a great recipe for ceviche.

Science Roll reports back on the benefits of a Second Life workout.

Wise Bread discusses the value (both nutrition and exercise wise) of creating your own vegetable garden.

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