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Weekend Link Love – Edition 293

Episode #16 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast [1] is now live. It’s another great reader question roundup.

Research of the Week

Hypoglycemic married couples get into more and worse fights [2] than normoglycemic married couples.

Naps are linked to a higher risk of dying [3], but I doubt it’s causative. Far more likely is that people who get worse sleep at night and have worse health as a result require more naps.

Yes, endurance athletes. You still need to strength train [4].

Snacking increases liver and belly fat [5] more than eating big meals, even when overall caloric intake is the same.

Interesting Blog Posts

The ergogenic effects [6] of sitting in a dark, blistering-hot room with sweaty, naked old men and/or women.

Too busy to meditate? Try these helpful tips for integrating mindfulness [7] into your everyday life.

Pollen may not be the actual cause [8] of seasonal allergies.

Are you getting enough vitamin J [9]?

Media, Schmedia

I wrote a piece for Bare Essentials Magazine about the many faces of Primal life. Check it out [10].

How being a doctor became the most miserable profession [11].

Or perhaps not [12].

Everything Else

The NY Times Learning Network put together a respectable prompt [13] for teaching students how to study nutrition, disease, and clinical trials.

Is food so cheap [14] that we can’t bring ourselves to respect it?

Want the perfect standing workstation tailored to your body? Enter your specs here [15] and get the results.

Forget Code Blue. Do hospitals need a Code Death [16]?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 27 – May 3)

Comment of the Week

Once again it looks like all roads lead to the gut. It’s hard to stomach what conventional wisdom tries to stuff down our throats.

– Har, har [21].