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Weekend Link Love – Edition 29

Remember when Andrew of Go Healthy Go Fit rounded up a list of bloggers’ favorite workout songs (including 5 of mine [1])? Well, now he’s come out with the top 10 workout songs for the holidays [2], though I honestly can’t imagine running wind sprints to Sinatra’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

The Great Fitness experiment has hilarious post about wardrobe malfunctions at the gym [3]. It’s funny because it’s true.

Just how bad is corn oil? Whole Health Source digs back through studies old and new to show the relation between vegetable oil and weight gain [4].

Are you yawning? How about now? Does just reading about yawning make you yawn? Discovery News explains yawning [5]. Spoiler: It cools your BRAINS!!!

And speaking of brains, Modern Forager does a good job explaining how the brain learns [6].

If you’re not tired of Biggest Loser blog posts yet, Elastic Waist has a post about how Biggest Loser contestants are regaining weight [7] (As if you need more evidence that extreme, quick-fix dieting doesn’t work).

The “Duh” study of the week: Watching television makes you fat [8]. Conditioning Research sums the study up nicely.

It has fewer calories and doesn’t have the same effect on blood sugar levels as sucrose, but is xylitol trustworthy [9]? Check out Methuselah’s take on xylitol as part of his series on sugar and sweeteners [10] over at Pay Now, Live Later.

and last, but not least…

60 in 3 posted a video on his favorite exercise of the day: Dumbbell Pushups with Rotation [11].