Weekend Link Love – Edition 288

Weekend Link LoveBoth The Primal Connection (Amazon, Audible, iTunes) and The Primal Blueprint (Amazon, Audible, iTunes) are now available in audiobook form. If you’ve been reading MDA for awhile but have yet to read the definitive texts that expand upon the message, these audiobooks are a great way to get caught up in a few hours.

Episode #11 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast is now live. I answer your questions and give a quick recap of PrimalCon Vacation Tulum. If you haven’t already subscribed on iTunes, do so now and you’ll never miss an episode.

Research of the Week

In addition to being a source of healthy fats and polyphenols, dark chocolate also provides benefits by acting as a prebiotic, feeding good gut bacteria, and spurring the creation of anti-inflammatory fermentation products.

Three all-nighters a week may cause brain damage (in rodents).

A low-starch, low-sugar diet supplemented with resistant starch improved metabolic health in zoo gorillas.

The ubiquity of “extreme skeletal structures” and lower limb “robusticity” among Neandertal and homo sapiens fossil remains indicate a daily activity load for our ancestors that exceeded the habits of modern elite athletes.

Eating lots of animal protein appears to be protective against cognitive, physical, and social decline in the elderly.

Oh, and the more muscle you have, the longer you’ll live.

Archaeologists recently found the earliest known case of cancer in humans – an Egyptian from 3000 years ago.

Interesting Blog Posts

Suppversity breaks down the anti-arthritic effects of small amounts of virgin coconut oil, plus other benefits.

Is mineral water an underrated supplement?

Media, Schmedia

Wireless power is coming soon. You have to wonder if it will cause any health issues, though.

Saturated fat has been exonerated (again), but you wouldn’t know it from reading this garbled “article” full of contradictory statements and misplaced value judgments. Did a robot write this?

Everything Else

Worried about inhibition of your melatonin production at night due to light? A biotech firm has just released a new “Melatonin Production Factor” for eyewear that promises to predict how long you can safely use electronics at night without seriously compromising your sleep.

Is (certain) farmed salmon getting healthier and more sustainable?

A fascinating interview with a cancer researcher about sugar, fructose, and cancer.

It’s a story as old as time. We engineer corn to poison a predatory worm. The predatory worm evolves to resist the poison and thrive on the engineered corn.

I’m not sure I trust this.

How a playground that resembles a hobo encampment is changing kids’ lives for the better in Wales, and what it says about the prevailing parenting methods.

Recipe Corner

  • This orange chicken is way better – and healthier – than the stuff you’re probably used to eating out of so-greasy-they’re-translucent Chinese food containers.
  • If you’ve been searching for a way to eat more “alternative” cuts, start with oxtail slow cooker soup.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 24 – Mar 30)

Comment of the Week

I think I’ll sign my next question to MDA as “Marque” and see if it gets answered… :D

– You shouldn’t have said anything and just done it!

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