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Weekend Link Love – Edition 287

My friends at EXO have completed their first production run of Cricket Protein bars and they taste fantastic! If I didn’t tell you the protein came from crickets, you’d swear it was whey protein. Order a box at EXO.co [1] before they’re sold out (full disclosure: I am an investor in this company).

Anyone near Philly? Go check out the Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar [2] happening on March 20th!

Episode #10 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast [3] is now live. This time, broadcasting straight from Primalcon Tulum, we’re joined by Darryl Edwards – the former computer programmer turned master of play. Darryl explains how you can make your workouts more successful by making them more fun, offering both practical fitness advice and a way to cultivate a playful attitude about life in general.

Dr. Ron recently sat down at the Paleo Runner Podcast [4] to talk about his new book, The South Asian Health Solution, and explain the health crises currently facing South Asia.

Research of the Week

Both men and women are more attracted [5] to the faces of the top cyclists in the 2012 Tour de France.

Males seem to respond better to sprinting than women [6], experiencing more mitochondrial biogenesis and muscle protein synthesis (although it’s still beneficial for both!).

Leaving poverty is complicated. A new study [7] shows that boys who move from lower-class neighborhoods to higher-class neighborhoods experience far more depression and exhibit more misbehavior than girls who make the same move.

Interesting Blog Posts

All animals play [8].” Is play the most fundamental foundation of physical reality?

Don’t worry, guys. The FDA says BPA is totally fine [9] (hey, it could be, but I’m skeptical of the source).

Media, Schmedia

Dozens of Americans with extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic signaling have relocated to a small Virginia town where wifi is banned – and they claim to be feeling better than ever [10].

I am entirely unsurprised [11] that the experts who recommend that more people be placed on statins are paid by the manufacturers of statins.

Everything Else

Even though it’s already surpassed its funding goal, the Kickstarter for monkii bars – a lightweight, portable suspension system that sets up in under a minute and lets you workout anywhere, anytime – is still accepting pledges [12]. This is a great opportunity to become an early adopter for a big discount.

How pathogens shaped – and shape – human culture [13].

Is an elevated LDL particle count simply a marker of a tryptophan deficiency [14]?

Joshua Weissman of the Slim Palate has released his awesome new cookbook, The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook [15]Check out the promo video [16] for his story and a taste (pun absolutely intended) of the kind of food and photography you can expect from the book.

I shudder to imagine the kinds of prebiotics we’d have to swallow if this electricity-consuming bacteria [17] took up residence in our guts.

A shotgun shell that creates life [18] (although I suppose at close enough range it might be able to kill something).

Antibiotics: the fat drug [19].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 17 – Mar 23)

Comment of the Week

Paraphrasing Justice Potter Stewart:

I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [“lean tissue”]; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it…

– Paleo Bon Rurgundy’s got the right idea [24].