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Weekend Link Love – Edition 280

PALEOCON is here! Have you registered yet? It’s got 25+ awesome interviews with the top Paleo experts (myself included), behind the scenes at Paleo restaurants, and much more – check it out here [1].

Primal Blueprint Podcast news:

Research of the Week

A new open-access review [6] explains how manipulating carbohydrate and/or calorie intake can make radiation therapy more effective against tumors.

Got European, Asian, African ancestry? Better hope your gut flora do, too. A recent study [7] finds that H. pylori may only be a pathogen if it did not co-evolve with its host.

Whadya know: converting 10-20% of cropland to prairie grassland can actually reduce erosion and runoff by 90-95% [8]. Sounds familiar, right?

Interesting Blog Posts

When it comes to premies, a mother’s touch has beneficial effects ten years down the line [9].

Are the hypothyroid-like symptoms people report on low carb due to low carb or low calorie [10]?

Are we underestimating the energetic cost of exercises like pullups, pushups, and squats? Seems we are – by about 50% [11].

Media, Schmedia

The many stages of eating paleo [12].

Medicine or mass murder [13]? I guess some mistakes were made. What else have they gotten wrong?

Butter wins [14].

Everything Else

Check out Denise Minger on the Underground Wellness [15] and Prairie Public [16] podcasts.

I’m all for eating more gelatin and reducing your sugar intake, but… wow [17].

Everyone knows how that one song can catapult you back in time to past memories. Watch it happen here [18] in a patient with severe Alzheimer’s.

Do the brains of elderly people only slow down because they’re processing so much knowledge and wisdom [19] – data, essentially?

Sign up for the En*theos Conference [20], a series of 22 talks on health, diet, and lifestyle optimization, including one I did with Jonathan Bailor on calorie counting and Primal eating (check out his new book [21] while you’re at it).

This seems like a decent enough training program, but I mostly just liked its name: broga [22].

The microbial communities living in hunter-gatherer guts look very differently from ours [23].

Consider tossing a couple bucks toward this documentary about the real ancestral Hawaiian diet [24].

I’m a big fan of Blade Runner, but I don’t necessarily want to live in that world [25].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 27 – Feb 2)

Comment of the Week

Despite being a Sacramento Kings fan, I no longer hate the Lakers and even Kobe.

– Man, after what the Lakers and Kobe have done to you guys, I’m impressed [30]!