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Weekend Link Love – Edition 276

Pretty much anyone who’s ever tried the tired old “calories in, calories out, eat less, move more” way to lose weight can tell you that doesn’t really work, especially not for the long haul. Jonathan Bailor’s fantastic new book, The Calorie Myth, explains exactly why the old paradigm doesn’t work and shows you how you can lose weight by emphasizing the quality of what you eat and how you move – even if you eat more and move less than before. Enter to win a copy [1], or just buy the book outright (and get some awesome bonuses exclusive to MDA readers [2]!). I highly recommend it.

There are still a couple days to take advantage of the special offer [3] we’re running for Denise Minger’s Death by Food Pyramid [4]. It ends December 31.

Even though her book is done, Denise Minger remains busy as ever, having recently appeared on three podcasts to talk about her new book: Live to 110 [5], Smash the Fat [6], and The Smarter Science of Slim [7].

Research of the Week

Psyching yourself up when stricken with performance anxiety is better than trying to calm yourself down [8] (which, let’s face it, never works).

When it comes to partial meniscal tears, sham knee surgery might work just as well as actual knee surgery [9].

Interesting Blog Posts

How to go without your phone [10] for a month in a major city (and not go crazy and totally disrupt your professional life).

Turns out coffee won’t stunt kids’ growth [11]. Cool, but I think there remain valid reasons not to dose your toddlers with caffeine.

Media, Schmedia

After ten years of losses, McDonald’s has finally closed up shop [12] in Bolivia. The people there just like actual food too much.

Paleo (or Caveman Diet) was the most searched-for diet term [13] on Google this year. It’s the world’s oldest fad diet.

Satire or Serious?

Who’s ready to welcome the Medium-Chain Sugar Amphiphiles [14], a new “family of healthy vegetable oil structuring agents,” into our lives?

Everything Else

America’s citizenry are in the unenviable position [15] of suffering an expansion of morbidity even as they experience a compression of life expectancy.

McDonald’s isn’t all bad, though (if entirely bereft of – or, come to think of it, filthy with – self-awareness): in their employee resource handbook [16], they recommend that McDonald’s employees limit fast food.

Grizzly bears may not be as easy to manipulate as lab rats, but they serve as better models of human metabolism [17].

Are allergic reactions an evolved defense against toxins and venoms [18]?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 29 ? Jan 4)

Comment of the Week

OK boss I need 30 days off. I think I might be allergic to work and we best reintroduce it slowly 

Nice idea [23]! I might even humor it if a Worker Bee tried it on me.