Weekend Link Love – Edition 275

Weekend Link LoveWe’ve got new dates for the Primal Blueprint Luxury Retreat: February 6-9. Space is limited, so get on it!

Have you seen the new book? Death by Food Pyramid is now available, and we’ve got a special offer running through Dec. 31.

Research of the Week

Dogs and babies do mix, at least if you’re interested in preventing asthma and allergies. Results may not apply to those owned by silly people who never let their dogs outside.

It looks like sucralose, the artificial sweetener behind Splenda, is anything but inert and harmless, according to a new review from the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health.

Instead of giving statins to everyone over 50 years to protect their heart, you could just prescribe an apple a day and get comparable results without the muscle pain, rhabdo, cognitive decline and diabetes often caused by the drug.

Interesting Blog Posts

How a fat-adapted endurance athlete wearing minimalist shoes broke a long standing ultra-endurance record while eating a mostly Primal, carb-cycling diet.

Birthday Shoes just reviewed the hottest, newest minimalist shoe currently on the market. Luckily, these won’t sell out.

Speaking of apples, they appear to be a highly underrated fruit on the health front.

Media, Schmedia

Meet Fred Kummerow, the hipster nutrition researcher who was warning everyone about the dangers of trans-fats before it was cool. His formerly unpopular stance now widely accepted, he’s now turned his ire toward industrial seed oils.

Drug-resistant bacteria are present on about half of America’s chicken breasts.

A school in Melbourne is now offering a “standing classroom” where students can stand or sit at height-adjustable desks.

Satire or Serious?

Dump your extra virgin olive oil, folks. Corn oil is way, way better for you. Good to hear. There’s nothing quite like drizzling corn oil over fresh baby greens, beets, and goat cheese with lemon juice, or taking a little sip straight from the bottle when no one’s watching just to swirl those corn sterols around and savor the pleasant lack of depth.

Everything Else

How wearing a mushroom burial suit to your grave can reduce the dissemination of all the industrial and commercial pollution you’ve accumulated throughout life into the environment. Watch the video and whatever you do, don’t become a cannibal.

Something tells me this took more than 10,000 steps.

If you’re gonna chop wood, you better do it right. This is how.

Can sunlight exposure and vitamin D deficiency explain the seemingly inevitable triumph of good over evil in The Hobbit? The only glaring omission I noticed was the failure to control for beards and fur.

When it comes to food cravings, sugar content takes precedence over fat content.

Recipe Corner

  • In case you were wondering what to do with the bottle of fish sauce I convinced you to buy, try Thai beef burgers with smashed avocado as a nice easy introduction.
  • I don’t believe I’ve ever had an Indian dish that featured pork. Here’s one: Boti Gosht.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 22 – Dec 28)

Comment of the Week

The nutritional niche research article was fantastic, and free-to-access!

I especially like this part:

“… the high lipid content of brains including macaque and hominins is also a potential driving force for the crushing of skulls and consumption of brain grey and white matter.”

At last, my hobby has been justified by evolutionary science!

– I appreciated that part, too. What’s your favorite, the grey matter or the white matter? I like grey.

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  1. The widespread use of antibiotics in livestock is really worrying… Not just of the resistant super germs mentioned in the post, but also because we’re changing the gut biome of the animals.

    FDA recently made the decision to reduce antibiotic use in commercial farming, but even with less antiibiotics given to farm animals, it’s likely that we’ve made some permanent changes to the microbial communities, and that we’ve lost some of the “old friends” that have co-evolved with humans and farm animals.

    Just another reason to buy organic or grass-fed I guess….

  2. Loved the article on the endurance athlete who cycled his carbs. I am currently reading Nicholas Taleb’s new book Anti-Fragile and he points out the human body gets stronger from unpredictable changing stresses and we should vary our calorie percentage sources from protein, fat and carbs cyclically. He also observes the science around the mediterranean diet based on greek eating habits did not control for all the fasting days (apparently many) observed in the Greek Orthodox tradition. So, intermittent fasting was also an integral part of that tradition and contributed to longevity.

    1. Great book and highly recommended to the Primal crowd: Anti-Fragile. Denise Minger also touches on the fasting/Greek stuff in her fabulous book: Death by Food Pyramid.

      Glad I got me a pair of those awesome barefoot shoes…oh, I was born with those already attached to the bottom of my legs.

    2. In Greek Orthodox tradition what is meant by fasting is a kind of veganism as orthodox fasting forbids any food that comes from an animal source (including eggs and all kind of dairy), but it allows plant based margarines, in other words, trans fat. During 50 and 40-day fasting periods there are only few specific days when fish is allowed. Shellfish, squid, shrimps etc., are not considered animals so one can have those foods. On the most holy days e.g. the week before Easter, olive oil is also forbidden. I am not so sure that this type of fasting explains the benefits of the mediterranean diet since the vast majority of Greeks nowadays consume mostly pasta, bread, potatoes and rice (but also some legumes and a lot of vegetables) during those days. I know a lot of people who actually gain weight during the fasting period!

  3. So when people suffer massive cardiac events, the ‘Heart Healthy’ label on their corn oil will prevent them from seeing the real problem…sigh…gotta love ‘Merica

  4. Someone better at english and critical reading, please make sense of that corn oil study!

    1. Basically, a group of refined seed oil manufacturers spent part of their marketing budgets to run a study that allows them to claim their products are healthy and good for your heart.
      Because, as we all know, lower cholesterol always means better health.

      1. “Existing research supports the notion diets containing 5-10 percent of calories from polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) from vegetable oils, are associated with lower risk of heart disease”

        Quoted from said corn oil study. So I can see they are still blatantly lying in mainstream science. Silly scientists.

  5. I love doing lifts without shoes, but dear God, the picture of the bottom of that man’s food was repulsive! lol

    1. I’m all for doing stuff barefoot, but it’s not cool to cut up, bleed, and bruise your feet.

      We didn’t evolve on pavement, and people should take that into consideration if they decide to go for a run.

  6. I literally just gagged at the corn oil comment. Not okay. At all. I also have a feeling, I am not the only one when I say that I crave FAT far more than sugar.

  7. Nice bunch of links this week, Mark. I’ve been following Simon Beck for quite a while now. His patterns are amazing. If you like them, follow his FB page for regular updates and new pics. I like to see someone doing something they love, not for the money or the fame, but just because they’re called to do it. As I wrote on my blog back in February of las year, “His artwork is stunning, huge — and achingly ephemeral. It can disappear in a puff of wind, a warm spell, a snowstorm.”

    Thanks also for posting that article about apples. Contrary to popular paleo belief, many fruits are extremely healthy, and apples particuarly so. I always have a bowl of them on the counter (with bananas, too) for my teenaged boys to snack on. Nothing satisfies my mid-afternoon sweet cravings like a crunchy apple.

  8. Got Fila brand “skeletoes” at Big 5. They seem to work well for running on the sand here in Long Beach, CA. (because of all the trash that washes up from the LA river I have not considered actually going barefoot here) Been running (actually more like trotting with a few sprints and some stairs thrown in) about an hour 4 or 5 times a week.

  9. This detail from the article about the ultra marathon record really caught my attention:

    “Tuck: I will note that “non-starchy vegetables” are metabolized into fats, basically: from a metabolic perspective they’re not a carbohydrate. They will not enter the blood as glucose.”

    I don’t think I ever heard this claim before, is it true? I know it is true for cows and gorillas but for humans?

  10. The corn oil link seems to have been removed from the site. Do you have the name of the article so we can google it?

  11. So… Tulum. I could definitely talk my wife into a week in Tulum, but this year we have a one- and a three-year-old. So, next year may work. Are you going to move this thing around, or do you expect to do this annually in Tulum?