Weekend Link Love – Edition 271

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

Mice on a gluten-free diet developed far less spontaneous type 1 diabetes than mice on a gluten-containing diet. These differences in T1D incidence were reflected in the gut microbiome. Adding gluten into the gluten-free diet changed the microbiome and eliminated the protection against diabetes. In mice, at least, gluten appears to increase the risk of type 1 diabetes, a risk controlled by changes to the gut flora.

Nuts may have their share of omega-6 fats, but a recent study shows that their consumption is associated with a rather significant reduction in mortality. Cautionary note: do not assume that nuts confer immortality.

Interesting Blog Posts

Are the ketogenic nursing mother’s ketones killing her baby? Or is it the Crisco her ketogenic diet is based on?

America’s obesity rates are on the upswing again. That didn’t last long.

Media, Schmedia

What one leading neurologist thinks grain is doing to your brain (provided you still eat the stuff, of course). It isn’t pretty.

America being one of the only countries in the world to wash and refrigerate its eggs is not an example of American exceptionalism, sadly. It turns out washing eggs may increase the risk of salmonella contamination.

Satire or Serious?

The artery-clogging, social fiber-destroying impact of banning trans-fats: people might eat more saturated fat!

Everything Else

The “Indigenous Games” in Brazil is an alternative to the World Cup/Olympics that prides itself on celebration rather than competition. I like healthy competition myself, but this looks pretty cool. Who’s up for a xikunahity match at the next PrimalCon?

China is “launching seeds into space to take advantage of cosmic radiation and low gravity.” That’s certainly an interesting way to genetically modify foods.

When you slow down a cricket’s chirping, it sounds like a chorus of angels.

Not a fan of standing or treadmill desks? Enter the Pedal Power, a pedal-powered work surface that lets you power your laptop (and other electronics) with your legs.

Move over, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials! The Slowpoke Generation (a global phenomenon, by the way) is coming your way (albeit really, really slowly).

We may be entering a world without (working) antibiotics. I’d watch a gritty dystopian sci-fi flick starring Michael Fassbender with that premise, but I don’t want to live there.

Canadian family was recently fined $10 by an elementary school for failing to provide grains in their child’s lunchbox. Luckily, the neglected child’s meager, unbalanced meal of meat, potatoes, carrots, oranges, and milk was enhanced by the addition of Ritz crackers by school staffers.

According to the Atlantic, apple cores are a myth. I’m not so sure. I definitely detect a difference in taste and texture between the “core” and the rest of the apple. What about you?

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Comment of the Week

I was skimming and missed both mentions of Dear Carrie. So I did a pretty good doubletake when I read “In fact, I breastfed Devyn for two years…”

– Yeah, I tried and failed miserably. Couldn’t get a good latch going to save my life.

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