Weekend Link Love – Edition 268

Weekend Link LoveThe Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar is coming to Michigan next month. Come out and meet fellow Grok stars at this 2 1/2 hour event.

Research of the Week

Eating full-fat and full-fat fermented dairy makes for better cardiovascular biomarkers than eating low-fat dairy in overweight adults.

Did Neandertals actually eat daily salads full of medicinal herbs and wild vegetation, or were they eating the fermented stomach contents of their herbivorous prey?

Interesting Blog Posts

It’s possible to get inventive and come up with ways to stay active and energized while stuck in an airport (terminal to terminal sprint intervals, anyone?) on your own, but this post giving 12 examples of airports with health and fitness bents for travelers sure makes it easy.

Media, Schmedia

A (formerly) overweight Kentucky grandfather goes from walkers and canes to performing human flags on vertical poles. Pretty incredible story.

At Harvard later this month, Dr. Mat Lalonde and Allan Savory are giving a talk on how Primal eating and holistic grass-fed livestock management can quite possibly save the planet. If you’re in the area on November 21, go check it out.

Nothing like a big whopping serving of fear to keep the public from hearing an alternative, arguably more sensible position on a cherished pharmaceutical cash cow that could be hurting more people than it helps.

Everything Else

Part 2 of the Oz piece featuring Dr. Eades on cholesterol and heart disease – this time focusing on the overstated benefits and understated dangers of statins – has been released. Check it out here. This is the one the “experts” mentioned in the previous link were freaking out about, so you know it’s a good one.

You no longer have to spurn the entreaties from cookie-hawking Girl Scouts: they’ve gone gluten-free. Although please continue to ignore the overbearing Girl Scout parents in your office who try to guilt everyone into buying boxes of cookies.

Or, you could just use actual butter. Crazy, right?

Recipe Corner

  • In case you’re supplying the chow for a reenactment of the (perhaps embellished by the rosy hue of conventional history) original Thanksgiving dinner, here are 33 recipes for a paleo Thanksgiving.
  • This herring salad recipe leaves a lot to the imagination, but that’s part of the fun. Plus, we could all use more herring in our lives.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 3 – Nov 9)

Comment of the Week

Actually it would if you eat it instead of injecting it. Heroin was sold as an oral cough medicine for a long time with very few people getting addicted until someone had the idea of injecting the stuff. As I understand it, the slower onset and lower peak effect greatly limit the addictive potential.

I still agree that “everything in moderation” is bad as a general principle.

– I rather enjoyed this surprisingly informative response. Thank you.

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