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Weekend Link Love – Edition 267

Hey guys, let’s try something cool. If you use Twitter, send a tweet to @TomHanks [1] on my (@Mark_Sisson [2]) behalf. I think we can help the dude beat type 2 diabetes [3] if he agrees to give it a go.

Research of the Week

Is the endowment effect [4] a universal human trait, as many claim? Apparently not [5]. Hadza Bushmen living near major roads who participate in the tourism trade have it, while otherwise culturally and genetically identical Hadza Bushmen who have no contact with tourism do not. It may be that the endowment effect arises from market-driven societies.

When we sleep, the brain clears out the toxins that accumulate during the day [6].

Interesting Blog Posts

Professor Tim Noakes shows [7] how a rigorous $700 million trial proved that “heart-healthy” low-fat diet interventions worsened the prognosis in heart disease and diabetes. Whoops.

Media, Schmedia

I was recently named [8] one of the top ten “social healthmakers” in nutrition. I’m honored.

After reading this Business Insider piece [9], I think I can pack it up here. My job is pretty much done.

Saturated fat is not the major issue [10],” breathed the dreamy doctor, staring through you. It was a tough read, that gaze, and meeting it required physical exertion. Was it cocksure? Photo-shoot fatigue? A hint of disgust cast the way of CW? His right eye painted a different picture than his left. (Hat tip to Dr. Ronesh Sinha, fresh off highly regarded PrimalCon [11] Tahoe presentations and now hard at work completing his book, The South Asian Health Solution [12], who sent me the link.)

Everything Else

Featuring my good friends Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Jonny Bowden, this video [13] from Oz really explains how the lipid hypothesis has misled us for so long.

It seems there’s a “paleo bakery [14]” in the Netherlands. Sounds interesting. Any locals want to check it out and give us a report?

Sam Feltham ate a low-carb, high-fat hypercaloric diet and got leaner; he gained weight and lost inches off his waist. Then, he ate a high-carb hypercaloric diet and got fatter; he gained weight and inches. It’s a cool experiment [15] that shows calorie counts don’t tell the whole story.

Ancestral diets are hurting the bread industry [16]. Not a lot, but still.

How one woman went [17] from “I will NEVER go paleo” to “I tried the paleo diet and I’m never turning back.” Seen it a thousand times.

And finally, is this pic [18] relevant to Primal living? No, not really (“something something Inuit”). But it’s incredibly cute, so I’m leaving it.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 27 – Nov 2)

Comment of the Week

“I’m thinking we set up a drum circle for the next PrimalCon. What do you think?”

How come no one ever suggests setting up a brass band for these types of things? 

Yeah, or how about an ululation party?

– Hey, if you guys provide the brass and rapidly moving uvulas, it’s all good [23]!