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Weekend Link Love – 21-Day Challenge Edition

This year’s 21-Day Challenge contests are winding down, but there are still numerous opportunities to participate and win. Check them all out here [1] and get your entries in before the deadlines!

Relevant Research

Some of you have undertaken a pledge to get less (or none at all) light at night. That’s a worthy goal, but I’d argue that even those of you doing something different for the Challenge [2] – trying to lose weight, reduce stress, improve blood lipids, or anything, really –  may want to pay attention to your nocturnal light consumption. A sampling of recent research suggests too much artificial light at night can impact many avenues of health relevant to the Challenge:

Among elderly [3], those who keep a light on at night have higher triglycerides, higher LDL, more abdominal obesity, and more overall obesity. Trying to improve blood work? Try limiting light at night.

Even dim light at night exaggerates [4] the normal inflammatory response to a stressor, injury, or pathogen. Trying to mitigate the effect of stress on your life? Limit light at night.

Blue light at night triggers [5] the retinal cells that communicate with the limbic system of our brain that controls cognition and mood. Trying to get out of a funk? Limit light at night.

Helpful Blog Posts

Fitness gadgets can be helpful in your Challenge, but using an excessive number of them didn’t really help this woman [6].

Fuel For the Fire

Need a reason to stick with your “fewer carbs” goal? If you’ve got the right gut flora, eating too many just might cause your blood alcohol level to reach physiologically-relevant heights [7] due to excessive fermentation. On second thought, that might be a reason to eat more carbs for some people.

Just because nature ain’t quite the same as it was [8] (even just from fifty years ago) and even though human attempts to engineer it fail miserably doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be immersing yourself in it.

Avoiding soda for the Challenge? Good idea, because it’s rotting the collective teeth of the Appalachian mountain communities [9]. Better than meth, at least.

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Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sept 29 – Oct 5)

Comment of the Week

The biggest advice that someone gave me about going primal is don’t be an A** hole. If you go out to a party, event, or friends house and they have non primal food, just eat small portions. Don’t be one of those guys that say “I cant eat that” or “I don’t eat that”. I have a couple vegan friends and it is very difficult to cook for them. One meal is not going to kill you or set you back that much.

– Great tips, not just for the Primal Blueprint Challenge but for life itself, from Josh [22]