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Weekend Link Love – 21-Day Challenge Edition

With the 2013 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge in full swing, Weekend Link Love will be focusing on links relevant and related to the Challenge for the next few weeks to help you guys succeed. Let’s get to it!

Relevant Research

If you’re like most people, part of your Primal Blueprint Challenge is to eat Primal and avoid unhealthy food. Well, a new study [1] suggests that you should probably be getting plenty of sleep, as sleep deprivation heightened the neuronal reward associated with unhealthy food in normal-weight people.

Many hold the supposed power of financial motivation in high esteem. People are liable to do just about anything for money, or so the story goes. But a recent study finds that when it comes to motivating healthy lifestyle modifications like reduced sedentary screen time and more vegetable consumption, using money can actually have the opposite effect (PDF [2]).

Helpful Blog Posts

How to keep yourself paleo (or Primal) motivated in just under a minute per day [3].

Dr. Emily Deans explains the five stages of change [4]. Sound familiar to any of you?

Contest Sponsor Discounts

Want inexpensive (but not cheap) grass-fed meat? Tendergrass Farms [5] has kindly provided a discount coupon for all Mark’s Daily Apple readers. During checkout, use NICE2MEATU to receive 15% off your entire order. This offer is good until 10/17/13.

Ever worked out with a dedicated training sandbag? Now’s your chance: at Ultimate Sandbag [6] use promo code primalusb to receive 15% off any purchase through 10/31/13.

Tight muscles? Knotted-up gristly fascia that’s inhibiting your movement and sucking your will to live? Try a Radroller [7], and be sure to use the code MDAROLLER for 20% off your order. This one lasts for the duration of the challenge.

The Sling Trainer from Aerobis [8] is one of the best, most versatile training tools available that you can take with you anywhere – and until 10/15/13, MDA2013 will get you 15% off your whole order.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sept 22 – Sept 28)

Comment of the Week

I forgot to write that by becoming a source, people will gravitate to you. Refer them to MDA and talk about posts. Co-workers are good people to start with. At least this has been my experience. A few will change their eating habits permanently. Some will dabble and fail. A few is better than none.

– Great tips from Paleo Bon Rurgundy [13]. His previous comment on the post was even better, just too long for the comment of week. Go read it, too.