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Weekend Link Love – Edition 261

The 2013 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge begins tomorrow. Check back at 8 am PST for all the details and a chance to win a Primal prize.

We’ve got a couple of Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminars [1] in Maryland coming up fast. If you’re near Annapolis on September 25 or Bethesda on September 28, sign up!

Due to a couple last-minute cancellations, a few spots just opened up for PrimalCon Lake Tahoe [2] (September 26-29). Now’s your chance to bask in the awesome radiance of wild nature while hanging out with your global Primal tribe! They won’t last long, so grab them ASAP!

Research of the Week

Swearing – the language of life and of death [3] – can improve pain tolerance.

Scientists have found the genetic bits that control how our circadian rhythm responds to changes in light and time zones [4]. Improved anti-jet lag drugs are sure to follow, and maybe better solutions for shift workers?

Seniors who stay active retain the physical and mental capabilities of their youth [5]. They also live longer and – most importantly – better.

Got candida? Try Gymnema [6].

Interesting Blog Posts

How to save your knees [7] when hiking uphill or downhill. Great tips.

Speaking of hiking (and camping, and other outdoorsy activities), why do white people seemingly love it so much more than folks of other ethnicities [8]?

Wellness FX discusses the eternal balance between performance and longevity [9]. Which side of the fence do you prefer? Do you have to pick just one?

Media, Schmedia

Drug companies are hiding [10] (some) clinical research that paints (some of) their products in an unfavorable light.

I was going to make a sugar joke, but this is actually a pretty horrific environmental disaster: a container ship just dumped 233,000 gallons of molasses into Honolulu bay [11], triggering a massive wildlife die-off as the viscous black goo sank and carpeted every nook and cranny of the seafloor.

Everything Else

My friend John Wellbourn (of CrossFit Football fame) is holding the second annual fundraiser to battle neuroblastoma and pediatric cancer [12]. Take a look [13] and if you?re touched and have the means, give a few bucks. Neuroblastoma is a nasty cancer that targets almost exclusively young children and babies, and we need to learn more about it to fight it.

Just what everyone needs: a complete lack of reasons to go outside [14] ever again.

Maybe “Read great literature [15]” belongs on the list of Primal Laws [16].

Shipping US chickens over to China for processing and then shipping them right back to the US [17] for eating doesn’t make much sense to me. But don’t worry, because they’ve “deemed China’s poultry processing equivalent to the process in the United States.” Not exactly filled with confidence here.

As much as I like feces in my meat, let’s just hope China’s meat processing plants aren’t emulating the latest USDA pilot program [18] designed to ID meat contamination.

You just can’t remake The Breakfast Club [19].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

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Comment of the Week

Mark, you HAVE to give yourself comment of the week, even though it was in your article. ?Execute a double decker?..? Brilliant.

– Thanks, Josh [24]. Let me also use this opportunity to clarify my terminology. While an upper decker involves the toilet tank, a double decker involves both the tank and the bowl – so as to throw your victim off the scent of the tank.