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Weekend Link Love – Edition 260

I’ve just launched a new Facebook page for Primal Blueprint Publishing [1], where you can find photos, videos, book reviews, and recipes from your favorite Primal books. Stay tuned for constant updates to the page to keep you guys up to speed with the latest news from our Primal authors – what books we’re getting ready to release, when we’re releasing them, and fun, random info about our authors. Make sure to “Like” it, too! Thanks!

Research of the Week

We’ve all heard of the hygiene hypothesis, which posits that excessive sterility is responsible for the increase in allergies and autoimmune diseases. New research [2] suggests that it may extend to Alzheimer’s disease, too.

Strength training has been dubbed safe for kids and teens [3]. Good to have it confirmed.

Interesting Blog Posts

How to check your leg muscle function – and your general preparedness for life – with a simple physical test [4].

Okay, you’ve got a treadmill desk, and that’s great and all, but can you use it to scroll through a web page or control your Internet speed [5]? (Side note: Check back next Wednesday when I’ll be publishing a video on the standup workstations at both my home and office.)

Media, Schmedia

This is a great story [6] of how the son of an American anthropologist and Yanomami tribeswoman returned to the Amazon in search of his mother, twenty years after she got sick of America and hightailed it back to the jungle.

C-sections are big moneymakers. Is that why they’re on the rise? [7]

Everything Else

Looks like Vibram Fivefingers aren’t so new [8] after all.

Here’s what happens [9] when you stop going outside. It ain’t pretty. Well, the video is actually quite pretty, but the ramifications of avoiding the outdoors are not.

Boy, inadequate sleep really, really messes with the hormones [10] responsible for keeping you lean and healthy.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sept 8 – Sept 14)

Comment of the Week

Cynics/skeptics bring the same utility to any discussion about health as a eunuch would bring to an orgy.

– Illustratively (and well!) said, Laurie [15].