Weekend Link Love – Edition 26

You’d fire your mechanic if he didn’t fix your car, you’d fire your plumber if he didn’t fix your toilet, so why don’t you fire your personal trainer if he doesn’t fix your body? The IF Life has a wonderful article on 10 things your personal trainer won’t tell you.

If you’re in the mood for a chuckle, read Coed Fitness Tips’ Spartan Training Rules. Then go out and release a barbaric yop even mightier than Leonidas’s.

Want something even funnier? Pay Now Live Later reveals a super serious study about how high carbohydrate diets increase longevity. Serious, serious stuff.

There’s a world of differences in Health Assist’s post on health paradoxes around the world. Read the article and chime in with your opinion.

Speaking of health around the world, Oprah’s site explores the secrets of the blue zones – the globe’s hottest spots for long living.

Traffic, cooking time for the turkey, relatives; there’s plenty to be scared of over the holidays. Fortunately Zen Habits provides 5 ways to conquer your fears.

Healthy Strong Kids is more than just a good idea, it’s a book title! Mary Dan Eades explores Fredrick Hahn’s new book on keeping kids fit. (hint: it takes more than buying your kids Fisher-Price exercise equipment).

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  1. I found the country paradox post very interesting, although studies of populations are curious at best, still goes to show the medical community definitely does not have it all together.

  2. Mark, Thank you soo much for the love. I truely appreciate it. I have completely switched my diet to the Primal diet. Although after reading, high carbohydrate diets increase longevity, I may now switch to a high card diet, just kidding.

  3. I watched that Oprah episode and what I found interesting is that none of those blue zones featured– saturated fat consumption was never mentioned. Really, there wasn’t much mentioned about diet at all.

    I’m thinking it’s because Dr. Oz is a cardiologist who insists that a diet low in saturated fat is necessary for heart health and longevity.

    You can almost bet, however, that the inhabitants in those zones have also a diet rich in animal/saturated fat.

    Aren’t there coconuts in a couple of these zones? Interesting what information is purposely left out for the sake of not rocking the boat.

    I could be wrong though. It’s just an observation.

  4. Mark,

    Thanks for the love…as I seem to be pissing off a few trainers with my post, oh well…as I say the good ones have nothing to worry about.

    Interesting article on the blue zones. Longevity has so many aspects and the things I see are always a strong community and active lifestyle. Calorie restriction of some sort comes into play with natural foods and of course an absence of sugar and other processed foods. That and they are “happy” in life.

    It didn’t say it there but the Okinawans live long, but they are not surviving just on a vegetarian diet…in fact they eat plenty of pork and use the fat/lard for cooking. Also suggested they eat plenty of coconut oil…but that fact of a diet with sat fat and meat seems to always be left out.

  5. Another factor in regard to the longevity of those who live in the “blue zones:” Your mother’s age at the time of your birth seems to affect how long you live. The egg that became you was formed before she was born so you are really your age plus the age of the egg you came from. The younger the egg, the longer you live.

    It would be interesting to see if the people in the groups married young.

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