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Weekend Link Love – Edition 259

Research of the Week

Chopping wood boosts testosterone [1] more than playing sports.

This news fills me with confidence: 9 out of 10 new drugs [2] are no more (or even less) effective than their predecessors.

When smokers quit, they often gain weight, but not because of increased calorie intake. It’s the change in gut flora, according to new research [3].

Interesting Blog Posts

How the future of psychiatry may lie inside our guts [4].

Next time you run your dishwasher, stick a filet of salmon in there [5].

Media, Schmedia

A familiar science journalist wonders [6] whether it’s too many calories or the wrong kind of calories that’s making us fatter. Or could it be both? (Subscription only.)

Now that these ten celebrities have gone paleo [7], you can too!

Everything Else

That’s one way [8] to get people to sprint once in awhile.

It’s looking as if babies actually aren’t born sterile after all [9].

Food scientists have an ingenious idea [10] to get rid of trans-fats: replace them with a novel food grade “oleogel” made of cellulosic polymer, surfactant, and vegetable oil. Or, you could just, I dunno, put the saturated fat back in that you were trying to replace in the first place.

Here’s what high heels do to your feet [11], in excruciatingly revealing detail.

Forget adaptations for consuming grains. This is the kind of evolutionary change [12] I want to see!

Scientists are growing a miniature human brain in a lab somewhere [13]. I must confess: it’s not as cute as other tiny versions of things.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

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Comment of the Week

It would be even more impressive if it was nighttime, and Mark was reading Hemingway on the paddleboard with sunglasses.

– That’s somewhat impressive [18], sure, but I’ve been known to read Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake on my paddleboard while wearing the blast shield helmet from Star Wars during a lunar eclipse.