Weekend Link Love – Edition 257

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

Adding an officially recognized as safe amount of sugar to mice’s daily diets didn’t make them fat, but it did render the males a bit more impotent and the females somewhat more dead. In human terms, it’d be like adding three cans of soda to your diet.

The world’s oldest gaming tokens have been uncovered, further confirming that people really, really like to play.

Interesting Blog Posts

What’s the point of a perfect diet and exercise routine if it detracts from a full life?

Chris Kresser lays out some health lessons to be gleaned from the French.

Media, Schmedia

This article on coconut oil is a prime example of the worst kind of conventional wisdom.

Are we killing the athletic prospects of millions of kids with the “sports gene” (which is linked to a powerful, dopamine-driven need to be constantly moving) with widespread administration of ADHD drugs?

Bill Clinton explains why he’s a vegan (who eats eggs and salmon every week). That’s the kind of veganism I can get behind.

Everything Else

Carrots may not improve your vision, but they will help you defeat fascist regimes.

This article laments the “sleep texting epidemic” destroying sleep quality among college students, but I have a feeling it’s spreading to other demographics, too.

Soon, we’ll all be able to take a test that uses a laser to determine the precise date of our death. I can’t wait to rush out and grab that one!

Something to keep in mind when reading studies or science reporting.

Recipe Corner

  • Here’s something you’ve probably never thought to try: cantaloupe soup. It even rhymes.
  • Ground beef can get kinda boring, no matter how grass-fed it is. Thai ground beef curry is a nice way to switch things up.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 18 – Aug 24)

Comment of the Week

Don’t be.

I posted up above, but we’re all survivors. If you look back and thought, I did my best in a stressful circumstance, it’s enough. As far as I can tell, babies are somewhat parasitic beings (really) and tend to sap their mother’s nutritional base if the immediate food stuffs are less than ideal. (I’ve seen young women not eating right who look, well aged too fast, after multiple pregnancies.) If everyone seems in good health now, do what you can right now to improve everyone’s nutrition and let it go. I’ve heard rumors that the past is pretty well unchangable. ;)

– Extremely wise words that should be heeded by all.

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