Weekend Link Love – Edition 255

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

Using a computer to simulate one second of human brain activity takes 40 minutes, 1 petabyte of RAM, and nearly 83,000 processors. Ray Kurzweil might be waiting a bit longer than he imagined for the Singularity to arrive.

In a recent observational study, having four or more caffeinated (but not decaf) cups of coffee per day was associated with the lowest risk of suicide.

Interesting Blog Posts

A couple weeks back, I discussed the saturated fat tax being proposed in New Zealand. Well, Professor Grant Schofield wrote a great blog response to it. Be sure to check out the comments (one of the NZ health experts proposing the tax chimes in – and gets politely trounced).

In the first of a body image series on Paleo Periodical, Tara Grant gives her thoughts on what paleo looks like.

I’d say this is a fair, balanced take on GMOs. Wouldn’t you?

Media, Schmedia

Drop whatever you’re eating, folks, and rush over to McDonald’s. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the cheapest and most nutritious food in human history, would you?

Now for some (real) good news: the obesity rate is dropping among poor children.

The world’s first lab-grown stem cell “burger” has been eaten. It’s “close to meat.”

How life in American may actually drive you insane. It goes much, much deeper than food or pharmaceuticals, unfortunately.

Everything Else

Sweat-working, a different kind of business networking that involves heavy breathing, exercise bikes, and (occasionally) spandex.

Do we really need diapers that analyze the protein contents of a kid’s urine? I can’t wait for the adult versions. Quantified Self conferences full of adults making crinkling noises every time they sit down, anyone?

How you might be able to tell people’s socioeconomic statuses by the kinds of toxins in their bodies.

A history of our love affair with sugar.

Recipe Corner

  • There’s really nothing quite so satisfying as a stew. Heck, even the name is satisfying to say: “stew.” Then you add “Caribbean Fish” on to that and get something really good going.
  • Turkey doesn’t get enough attention. Sure, it gets an entire holiday devoted to it, but what about the other 364 days? Now go on and make some Thai spiced turkey burgers to make up for it.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 11 – Aug 17)

Comment of the Week

There are major health drawbacks to beer. That’s why I only drink grain alcohol and rainwater. One must protect one’s precious bodily fluids.

– Everyone should go watch Dr. Strangelove right now, if they haven’t yet. Fantastic movie.

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