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Weekend Link Love – Edition 250

On May 20th, a tornado nearly wiped the town of Moore, OK off the map. Enter Lift Up Moore [1], an event spanning 60+ CrossFit gyms across the nation to raise money to help the rebuilding effort. Check out the official page [2] to learn more and get involved!

Research of the Week

In one recent study [3], neither dehydration nor electrolyte loss could explain exercise induced muscle cramps.

A low-carb, ad libitum diet beats out a low-cal, low-fat diet in diabetics, according to a recent study [4]. Low-carb eaters had better weight loss and HbA1c.

This [5] is why I live close to the ocean.

Interesting Blog Posts

Dr. Loren Cordain makes a strong rebuttal [6] to the media’s misguided, preliminary contention that a diet of grass seeds characterized the early human diet.

Dr. Emily Deans discusses [7] zoo animals (and zoo humans).

Media, Schmedia

Why kids should drink whole milk [8], not skim. (Hint: it’s the scary saturated animal fat [9]!)

Should boys (or girls) be penalized for not being able to sit still in school [10]? Is it a problem – or a feature – of childhood?

Everything Else

Is expert wine tasting junk science? [11]

The science and practical usefulness of meditation [12].

Sorry, Catholics who happen to be celiac: your rice flour wafer is spiritually damaging [13].

How drug companies hide clinical data [14], and why this might (hopefully) be changing (to big pharma’s great consternation).

5 crucial brain nutrients you can’t find in plants [15].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (July 7 – July 13)

Comment of the Week

This isn’t very profound, but a trick taught to me by a writer friend has helped me cut down my computer time quite dramatically. It happens to be very low tech. Turn off your computer. Get a paper and a pen. Put them next to your computer. Every time you think, “I’ll just Google that,” jot it down. Eventually when you allow yourself some computer time, Google away. Not only do you not need to look everything up instantly, it really isn’t good for your brain or your stress or your time management. It’s a step towards taking control, not letting technology control you.

– On the contrary, that [20] was extremely profound.