November 23 2008

Weekend Link Love – Edition 25

By Mark Sisson

Exactly how long have humans been “counting calories?” Look to the Diet Blog for a witty, brief history of dieting.

Preemption (n.) [legal euphemism]: The process of being sucker punched by a pharmaceutical company. Watch this video over at Pharmalot to learn more.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, extreme cardio just doesn’t end well. The Gear Junkie illustrates just the icky side effects of too much running. (thanks for the link, Mario!)

If you liked Andrew Rubalcava’s guest post on Thursday, he’s got a great round-up of workout song lists from popular health bloggers (including me!) over at Go Healthy Go Fit.

Regardless of what you do, your gluteus maximus will always be the biggest muscle in your body. Read Lifehack’s booty awareness to learn how to keep yours fit. (thanks, reader Sarah!)

Stereotyping the French is an American pastime, but those froggies know how to eat healthy. HealthAssist explains 9 ways the French stay slim.

Learn to exercise like James Bond with Men’s Health’s Daniel Craig Workout Schedule. Tuxedo optional.

The obese don’t have to pay for an extra seat in Canada. It’s now the law.

And finally, maps can be scary.

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  1. Great links! I agree with too much cardio and think strength training is overlooked. That map is sad – but yay for Colorado, it always seems to move up last in percentages, albeit still not good numbers. The film looks interesting, its the first time I’ve heard about it…

  2. Oh man. I bet the running community just hates that… They’re always very defensive about their hobby. And I think they have every right to keep running as much as they want to (I inted to keep doing triathlons). The problem is that we (runners and other endurance athletes) don’t want to give up our status as hyper-healthy individuals. Because we’re used to being able to eat whatever we want and still be the “healthiest” people in any room. Just another example of how our idea of “health” is messed up in this country.

    And that map IS terrifying.