Weekend Link Love – Edition 249

Weekend Link LoveThe Primal Blueprint Recipe page here on Mark’s Daily Apple has had a makeover. Recipe category sorting is coming soon, so you can search for recipes by ingredients and meal types. Bon appetit!

Many thanks to everyone the joined the conversation in recent weeks around the idea of a Primal Blueprint movie. You feedback has been incredibly helpful. You’ve given me and my team a lot to think about! Here’s the latest news on the movie. Stay tuned for updates.

Research of the Week

Among older adults, higher levels of urinary polyphenols (a direct measure of polyphenol intake and an indirect measure of fruit and vegetable intake) are associated with lower mortality.

Why men over 40 should probably reconsider their desire to run triathlons. I’m just glad I got out when I did.

Around two million years ago, the development of the unique elastic energy storage unit known as the human shoulder allowed the accurate and powerful throwing of projectile weapons and coincided with the intensification of hunting. But no, I’m sure we were just using our throwing ability to spear errant grass seeds and out-of-reach tree fruit.

Interesting Blog Posts

Balance training isn’t just for fun and looking cool. It can actually improve your ability to generate power, move quickly, and lift heavy.

Does caffeine cramp creativity?

Media, Schmedia

Sadly, Argentina is no longer the king of beef. Pasture-based ranch land is being replaced with soybean sprawl and grass-fed burgers are being replaced with “patties made from yamani rice and adzuki beans.” What a damn shame.

Nope, fast food still isn’t good for you: a good response to last week’s Atlantic piece condemning those who promote full-fat “real food.”

Paleo’s latest converts? Top endurance athletes, believe it or not (I didn’t always).

Minimalist shoes are starting to infiltrate sports other than running, like tennis, football, and even basketball. I give it five years before point guards are breaking (defenders’) ankles in zero-drop shoes.

Everything Else

An interesting photography trend from the 1800’s.

Steve Cooksey, the paleo blogger threatened with legal action for “dispensing unlicensed health advice,” was just given the go-ahead on his First Amendment lawsuit. This reverses a previous ruling that had dismissed Cooksey’s case. Fantastic!

Go check out Peter Attia’s extremely touching TED talk.

“If, on the other hand, there is more to obesity than simple thermodynamics, some of the billions spent on individual-centred policies and products may be being wasted. Time, in that case, to try some alternative policies based on alternative theories, and see how they fare.” If increased caloric intake (even just a couple dozen calories over “maintenance”) is the only reason anyone gains weight, David Berreby wonders why everyone and everything – humans who count calories, pets eating the same scoop of kibble every day, lab animals with carefully curated diets – are getting fatter and fatter with no end in sight.

Recipe Corner

  • Zero effort pork belly that tastes like you fussed over it all day long.
  • Beef sofrito over zoodles. I don’t actually even care how good this one tastes. I just like that they call zucchini noodles “zoodles.”

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 30 – July 6)

Comment of the Week

To be fair, the article didn’t specify whether the car was made of bacon.

-That’s true, Dan. The presence of a car made of bacon can justify a whole lot of otherwise egregious, unpardonable offenses.

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  1. I read about Argentina going down the soy tubes in the book, “The World According to Monsanto”. If we end up in such a world it will be far worse than any Sci Fi dystopian future yet imagined! (good book / bad company)

    1. Agreed!
      As an aside, I was in Argentina in the 80’s and the huge steaks were U.S. $1.00 and melted in your mouth. You could just cut them with a fork with no knife needed. What a damn shame!

  2. I had seen Peter Attia’s TED talk. Yes, very touching and powerful. And the David Berreby article is a real eye opener. Great information, as always, Mark.

  3. Woo! Thanks for the link love! In all seriousness, getting the perfect belly pork really is easy … no, not full of voodoo!

  4. The Berreby article is excellent, thanks! And Peter Attia’s talk, too.

  5. Why men over 40 should probably reconsider their desire to run triathlons. – the worst article on this subject I have ever read. PLEASE. The guy took 4 hours for an olympic tri? He didn’t die of chronic cardio, he died of being out of shape! Terrible that it happened but people please, take your time & work your way up to these things!

    1. Or don’t do triathlons because they aren’t good for you, regardless if you die, are prepared for them or not.

      1. I think everyone on this site for at least a little while understands the difference between “health” and “fitness.” Triathlons are increasing in popularity in the last decade because many of us find them to be great fun. You don’t have to top-10 at Kona like Mark did back in the day to enjoy it.

        That being said, this article is about the most hysterical, ill-conceived looks at triathlon mortality risk. When very large populations take to any vigorous activity, there are going to be some very bad (fatal) outcomes for a small number of people. These numbers pale compared to the millions slowly killing themselves with tobacco, alcohol, bad nutrition and sedentary lifestyles.

        Look at it another way: every year about 200 Americans die in auto collisions with deer. Would you suggest as a solution that we stop driving cars, or eradicate the deer population?

        Keep calm and swim, bike & run on.

      2. I like my sprint tri’s, which are short enough to be safe, I think. 🙂

  6. LOL, that’s my Beef Sofrito on Zoodles recipe. Thanks for the link here! I’ve been moving from low-carg gradually over to Primal/Paleo for some time now. Where you guys been? We low-carbers have been calling zucchini noodles “zoodles” for ages! I’m not the one that coined that word, though I don’t know who did actually. But am glad you’re amused. 🙂

    1. Buttoni’s recipes are the bomb! I never waste an opportunity to pimp her salsbury steak. Bonus: she’s a fellow Texan.

  7. I´m from Argentina, and I have to say that sadly the article tells the truth. Nevertheless, it is still pretty easy to get grass-fed beef. But it´s true that people eat way more pasta and pizza than meat nowadays.
    We are fully inmersed into CW here, paleo/primal hasn´t got here yet, sadly.

    1. It really saddens me to hear this. An entire country is going the soy route. Spread the word to friends and family!

  8. Human fists are different from chimps’ too.

    Maybe it wasn’t rocks, but punches they were throwing.

  9. Hey Mark, nice makeover of the recipe page.

    I hope you will put a link to it from the nav bar…if not enough room, maybe a drop down under resources or freebies?

    Looking forward to the sorting!

    1. I second a “Recipe” tab from the Nav bar! Great idea. I love the new look, I very much need a photo when scanning through recipes. I can almost “taste” it just by looking at it, and then want to try it even more! Thanks!

  10. David Freedman is a big cry baby. Did you see his response in the comment section of the article written in response to his? He just comes off as a smug, prideful person. Did anybody teach him manners? Criticizing others is no way going to make them change. Sure, it is mainly the poor who need education as far as nutrition goes. Or perhaps more availability to healthy food. But middle class people going to McD’s and eating big macs several times a week is not going to change anything.

  11. “Too often, Freedman argues with crude misrepresentations of Pollan’s positions. For instance, he says that wholesome-food devotees are sometimes fooling themselves, making whole foods unhealthy by piling bacon, butter, and clotted cream atop our chard, and that some have an unscientific fear of chemicals in food.”

    Bacon & chard. Yum.