Weekend Link Love – Edition 247

Weekend Link LoveMy good friend Robb Wolf just released a new Paleo Dining Out Guide, and he’s got a special offer just for you guys. When you checkout, enter the code PRIMAL for a $2 discount to bring the total to $5.99. Not bad for a comprehensive guide to staying true and eating well when out and about written by the Wolf man himself, eh?

Research of the Week

Landing on the forefoot when you run (you know, the way people intuitively land when running without shoes) exerts less stress on the knee than landing on the heel (you know, the way most people land when running in shoes), according to a new study.

A few new studies confirm that raw milk is a low-risk food, “contrary to previous, inappropriately-evidenced claims suggesting a high-risk profile.”

Interesting Blog Posts

Greatist made a list of the top 51 Paleo snacks anyone (except maybe vegans) could love.

Brian Tabor extolls and explains the benefits of going kinda slow.

Media, Schmedia

A new study finds it is absolutely impossible to lose weight, it’s never been done, and those who are currently trying should just stop. 

I for one am glad the maximum human lifespan is only around 120 years.

How the processed food industry undermines healthy food culture. I’m not always on board with Michael Pollan, but he definitely gets it right here.

Everything Else

Thank you for all your feedback in Monday’s Dear Readers post. Some of you have me rethinking doing videos. Maybe a podcast is the ticket after all. We’ll see. Stay tuned! Oh, and congrats to commenter Jeff who was randomly selected to win the Primal Fuel prize package.

Interested in improving your movement, mobility, and extensibility but don’t know where to start? PrimalCon presenter Angelo Dela Cruz’s new site – VitaMoves – is now live. Go check it out and get moving.

Aussies, take heed. A new cafe/eatery called Primal Pantry has just opened in Brisbane. Go show your support if you’re ever in the area.

The US Supreme Court just ruled against the patenting of human genes. Is it bad that I’m completely surprised by this development?

Recipe Corner

  • This recipe for a spicy giant ribeye with bacon couldn’t be more of a Primal cliche, but who cares? It’s a giant spicy ribeye with bacon!
  • Even the fussiest tot will eat his brussels sprouts when they come in chip form.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 16 – Jun 22)

Comment of the Week

Hypnotic, ain’t it?

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