Weekend Link Love – Edition 246

Weekend Link LoveBefore the usual links, some Primal Blueprint Publishing news. First, check this out. The Primal Connection just won the Eric Hoffer award for best self-published book in 2013!

Second, the recipe for Paleo Pizza from Primal Cravings just got first place in the PaleoNonPaleo Great Paleo Pizza Smackdown.

And finally, for those of you who’ve picked up a copy of Primal Cravings, please consider writing a review on Amazon. Eternal gratitude is yours from me and the Keatleys. Thanks in advance!

Research of the Week

In case you needed another reason to have that glass of red wine, a new study suggests that it can help prevent kidney stones.

New isotope studies confirm that right around the time our human ancestors began growing bigger brains they either switched to a diet made up of lots of grass and cellulose, or lots of grass and cellulose-eating ruminants. Guess which one Discover Magazine went with. Guess which one I think is more realistic (and supportive of said bigger brains).

Interesting Blog Posts

How a New Zealand triathlete rendered his formerly severe osteoarthritis nearly nonexistent with a paleo diet rich in bone broth.

Why fire makes us human.

Science-based Medicine takes on coconut oil. What do you think of their take?

Media, Schmedia

PopSci “unearths” 8 ridiculous, commonly-held views of nutrition. Prepare yourself for a serious bout of deja-vu.

Boy, we’re really ruffling some feathers, aren’t we? Yet another “debunking” of ancestral health rears its head (and gets summarily shot down in the comment section).

Everything Else

Have a Paleo heart? Mike O’Brien doesn’t at the moment, but he desperately needs – and deserves – one. Consider donating a buck or ten to his fund so that he can afford the heart transplant he needs.

Your brain on coffee.

Monsanto is giving up on marketing GMO crops in Europe, at least for the time being.

Recipe Corner

  • The weather may be warming up, but I’d never turn down a plate of Caribbean oxtail stew.
  • Hey, you, Primal eater who’s vowed to “get more adventurous” and try more seafood. Go on and make some squid adobo.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 9 – Jun 15)

Comment of the Week

I knew listening to loud overbearing Conventional Wisdom could make you go deaf (and dumb)!


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