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Weekend Link Love – Edition 24

What is antigravity yoga [1]? FitSugar explains the new fitness trend of combining yoga with circus. And for an irreverent approach, read Elastic Waist?s antigravity yoga experience [2].

Don?t let flue season get the best of you. Read HealthBolt?s tips for winter colds [3].

Two big meals per day, or eighteen tiny meals? The IF Life explains why eating more meals does NOT speed up your metabolism [4].

Whether or not you?re weathering the economic crisis, No Magic Pill has a wonderful list of cost effective ways to live healthy [5].

Is heavy metal music bad for your heart? [6] Read Health and Men?s post to find out.

Obesity is a cancer. And it’s not your fault. At least that?s what Barry Sears (author of the Zone Diet [7]) has to say. Watch his interview [8] posted on At Darwin?s Table.

And finally, forget expensive personal trainers and one-on-one yogi guides. Learn stretching [9] and yoga [10] from everyone?s favorite green friend.