Weekend Link Love – Edition 24

What is antigravity yoga? FitSugar explains the new fitness trend of combining yoga with circus. And for an irreverent approach, read Elastic Waist?s antigravity yoga experience.

Don?t let flue season get the best of you. Read HealthBolt?s tips for winter colds.

Two big meals per day, or eighteen tiny meals? The IF Life explains why eating more meals does NOT speed up your metabolism.

Whether or not you?re weathering the economic crisis, No Magic Pill has a wonderful list of cost effective ways to live healthy.

Is heavy metal music bad for your heart? Read Health and Men?s post to find out.

Obesity is a cancer. And it’s not your fault. At least that?s what Barry Sears (author of the Zone Diet) has to say. Watch his interview posted on At Darwin?s Table.

And finally, forget expensive personal trainers and one-on-one yogi guides. Learn stretching and yoga from everyone?s favorite green friend.

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  1. Thanks for the love….the kermit yoga is frigin great! Haven’t read the “new” Zone book but I am willing to bet it’s a decent read until you get to the sales pitch for eating zone bars, zone meals and only buying zone $80 a bottle pharma grade fish oil.

  2. Great list of articles. I had heard of the antigravity yoga, but had not had a chance to really research it yet. Having read the two blogs above, it sound very interesting (and perhaps fun), though I think I would be afraid of falling on my head.

    The IF Life’s analysis of meal frequency was also a very interesting read and he makes some very though provoking points; he is going to cause me to do more research. Don’t you hate it when someone links to someone who writes well enough to cause you to have to go out and learn even more? 🙂

  3. Apparently Dr.Sears is one of those “do as I
    say, not as I do” kinda of guys.