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Weekend Link Love – Edition 239

We’ve got a few openings for next month’s Primal Luxury Retreat [1] in Malibu. Sign up for the weekend of your lifetime!

If you happen to be near Houston on May 3 and find yourself getting a little hungry (for food and good convo), consider attending the Primal supper [2] with Mira and Jason Calton, as well as Keith and Michelle Norris of PaleoFX fame.

Research of the Week

Looks like grandmothers were actually crucial for human evolution [3]. But, wait – how could that be if we all used to die at age 30?

A new, highly ironic study (PDF [4]) concludes that “Compared with placebo or control, L-carnitine is associated with a 27% reduction in all-cause mortality, a 65% reduction in VAs, and a 40% reduction in anginal symptoms in patients experiencing an acute myocardial infarction.” See this related article [5] if the irony is lost on you.

The occasional drink during pregnancy may not [6] be that bad. Betty Draper redeemed, apparently. (But that doesn’t mean you should drink while pregnant, of course.)

Interesting Blog Posts

Why we eat whatever’s in front of us [7]. Unless it’s cellulose that has yet to be converted into glucose, of course (see below).

Jeff Leach, of the Human Food Project, gives his take [8] on the red meat scare study from last week, suggesting that the TMAO-producing gut flora profile “appears some how specific to the starch in grains or the dietary fiber in grains.”

Media, Schmedia

The news is bad for us [9], reports the news.

How scientists are looking to convert cellulose into starch to feed the world [10]. Or, “Mmm, wood!”

A look at the world of Russ Kremer [11], who almost became a priest but ultimately chose sustainable pig farming.

Everything Else

No wonder humans seem to have a genetic proclivity toward fear of snakes: zombie rattlesnakes [12].

Lifehacker shows you how to invert your browser’s colors [13] for easier reading at night. What also eases the eyes: sleep.

The gourmet cupcake market is crashing [14]. I’d say this is evidence of people getting clued in to good health, but I wholly expect the personal pie market to soar in response.

Sleep is becoming lucrative [15], but probably not the way you’re thinking.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 21 – Apr 27)

Comment of the Week

Looks so unbelievably wonderful! I hope I can attend one day. But…60F, cold? Sheesh, I would be perpetually drenched in perspiration!

Okay, okay [20]. We may be a bit spoiled out here. I’ll admit that.