Weekend Link Love – Edition 239

Weekend Link LoveWe’ve got a few openings for next month’s Primal Luxury Retreat in Malibu. Sign up for the weekend of your lifetime!

If you happen to be near Houston on May 3 and find yourself getting a little hungry (for food and good convo), consider attending the Primal supper with Mira and Jason Calton, as well as Keith and Michelle Norris of PaleoFX fame.

Research of the Week

Looks like grandmothers were actually crucial for human evolution. But, wait – how could that be if we all used to die at age 30?

A new, highly ironic study (PDF) concludes that “Compared with placebo or control, L-carnitine is associated with a 27% reduction in all-cause mortality, a 65% reduction in VAs, and a 40% reduction in anginal symptoms in patients experiencing an acute myocardial infarction.” See this related article if the irony is lost on you.

The occasional drink during pregnancy may not be that bad. Betty Draper redeemed, apparently. (But that doesn’t mean you should drink while pregnant, of course.)

Interesting Blog Posts

Why we eat whatever’s in front of us. Unless it’s cellulose that has yet to be converted into glucose, of course (see below).

Jeff Leach, of the Human Food Project, gives his take on the red meat scare study from last week, suggesting that the TMAO-producing gut flora profile “appears some how specific to the starch in grains or the dietary fiber in grains.”

Media, Schmedia

The news is bad for us, reports the news.

How scientists are looking to convert cellulose into starch to feed the world. Or, “Mmm, wood!”

A look at the world of Russ Kremer, who almost became a priest but ultimately chose sustainable pig farming.

Everything Else

No wonder humans seem to have a genetic proclivity toward fear of snakes: zombie rattlesnakes.

Lifehacker shows you how to invert your browser’s colors for easier reading at night. What also eases the eyes: sleep.

The gourmet cupcake market is crashing. I’d say this is evidence of people getting clued in to good health, but I wholly expect the personal pie market to soar in response.

Sleep is becoming lucrative, but probably not the way you’re thinking.

Recipe Corner

  • These honey mustard Cuban pork burgers may not truly be Cuban, but neither was Al Pacino, and Scarface worked out alright.
  • Speaking of Cuba, how about something with plantains in it? Paleo plantain beef pie sounds good.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 21 – Apr 27)

Comment of the Week

Looks so unbelievably wonderful! I hope I can attend one day. But…60F, cold? Sheesh, I would be perpetually drenched in perspiration!

– Okay, okay. We may be a bit spoiled out here. I’ll admit that.

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