Weekend Link Love – Edition 238

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Research of the Week

The connection between obesity and altitude.

Want the blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and blood lipid-related benefits of “cardio” without, well, the tedium and downsides of running? Walking works just as well.

It seems chimps are skilled botanists.

Interesting Blog Posts

KStar shows you how to properly organize, brace, and then load the spine.

A former vegan explains how veganism caused her and her family’s health issues, and why she feels (and looks) much better with high-quality animal foods in her diet and grains, legumes, and seed oils out of it.

Media, Schmedia

Are we too reliant on prescription meds? Have we become a pill nation?

Chris Masterjohn, Chris Kresser, and Paul Jaminet also commented on the red meat study.

Everything Else

Pro basketball player goes Primal, uses MDA as a transition tool, has lovely ancestral health blogger wife to document it all.

If this is the type of prescription doctors gave their patients in the 19th century, it’s no wonder the Victorians lived so long and so healthily.

Cats are even getting in on paleo these days.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 14 – Apr 20)

Comment of the Week

“I read that APOE4 is the “ancestral” allele for the APOE genes. It is the risk factor for Alzheimer’s. I find it hard to believe that checking out mentally is in any way desirable”

I try to mentally check out at least once a day! :D

Agreed. Checking out mentally for a bit, on a daily basis actually almost made the Ten Primal Laws.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. I am thrilled Mark saw fit to include it, as I’m the person (one of the people?) who sent it in!

  1. Loved Kristen’s piece about switching away from Vegan after many years. It seems like such a chore being Vegan. I get tired just reading about the hoops you have to jump through…Am I getting enough of this or that, with hundreds of bottles of certain vitamins. Then I imagine native hunter-gatherers never sitting down and having long conversations wondering if they are getting all the nutrition their bodies need. They got what they needed and probably didn’t worry about it at all.

  2. I’m not sure it’s fair to say you can use walking as exercise to avoid the “tedium” of running. The study was about exercise for a given level of calorie expenditure, so in order for walking to be a decent substitute for running, you have to spend a great deal *more* time exercising. If you find running for 20 minutes tedious, you’ll probably find walking for an hour tedious as well.

    1. Good point. You have to spend more time walking to get the same calorie expenditure that you do running, and thus according to this study, the same heart benefits. If time is a limiting factor, running is much more efficient. And for some of us, it’s way LESS tedious than walking!

    2. “If you find running for 20 minutes tedious, you’ll probably find walking for an hour tedious as well.”

      I disagree. For some people, walking is far more relaxing than running (and easier on the joints), and if you want to move and think at the same time, nothing beats walking. History’s great thinkers were usually great walkers as well, for, as St. Jerome said, “Solvitur ambulando” — “to solve a problem, walk around”.

        1. +1

          To add to that, walking doesn’t take me any longer. I used to run 3 miles on my lunch break every other day or so. Between changing, stretching (before and after) and showering, it would take me an hour and 15 minutes. I can walk 4 miles in that time. I would argue that in my case, walking is MORE efficient than running, even time-wise. And on the plus side, I don’t feel sick immediately after.

      1. I always hated running when I was “younger” and found just the thought of walking for an hour or two an absolute waste of my time ( I need to be doing something all the time – no ocean cruises for me, my wife tells me:))

        But recently took the plunge into running using a iphone app to help keep me on track which is a combination of walking and running – best of both worlds – enough running to get moderately fit and just enough walking not to get frustrated!!

        works for me

    3. THANK YOU. Love Mark, love MDA, but seriously…a Paleo diet and running are not mutually exclusive. Some of us actually enjoy running; sorry if it’s not “Paleo.” It feels great, clears my mind, makes me happy, puts me in touch with my body, gets me out into nature (even if it’s just my neighborhood). And I’m not talking “chronic cardio” or elite long-distance running (not that I would fault anyone for doing those if that is what they enjoy); I’m talking about 3- to 5-mile runs a couple of times a week and some 5K road races with my boyfriend and my kids. It’s something we do together.

      1. There’s nothing to be defensive about.In some places, hunter/gather societies run long distances for fun and to be with family/friends.

        Chronic cardio people often point these folks as showing how that recreational activity justifies amateurs training for hours a week and then running 26 miles in row several times a year.

        Of course, the point chronic cardio miss is that everyone in the “tribe” is having fun. If someone is sick or not feeling well, they skip it, much like bailing on a movie if it doesn’t sound good.

        If you’re having fun, (and not crazy extreme), then it is Paleo IMO. If it’s “I must do this lest I fall into a pit of vice” type addiction, then it’s decidedly not so.

    4. The story said you’d have to about double ( a little less) the run time to burn the same number of calories, not triple it! I’d rather walk for 37 minutes than run for 20. Also when Mark talks about chronic cardio being a problem, he’s referring to high milage running week after week. Not 20 minutes here or there, even I could do a 20 minute run and I don’t like running.

  3. Re: Victorian doctor prescriptions- Steak and beer every 6 hours. Check.

  4. Wanted to give props to Kristen’s article. Everyone’s journey is different and it can be very hard to come to terms wih the fact that you were on he wrong path for yourself … But the important thing is to realize this before its too late.

    Always good to read articles like that… Helps you realize you’re not the only one screwing things up!

  5. Cats going paleo. Cute photos. A man named Pottinger did diet experiments with cats back in the 1930’s, I think. Cats fed raw meat were very healthy, had bigger, healthier litters, etc. Those fed commercial (cooked) cat food were not as healthy, nor were their offspring.

  6. It always amazes me how we look to pills as the answer for so many things and that we essentially take them by eating them. Yet most people fail to see the connection of eating food and health…

    Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

  7. Our guinea pigs are primal now, they get no more grains. They thrive on veggies and hay…waiting for spring so they can get out and mow the lawn for us…

  8. Collecting Symtoms: Still holding my sides after laughing through THAT one! I read it to my husband and he chuckled through it too. Great pick.

  9. I just had a very heated debate on vegan vs. paleo the other day with a friend of mine and her vegan friends. I’m thinking about sending her Kristen’s post since she didn’t believe me about people getting sick from being vegan. Man, I’ll tell you, those vegans can get out of hand and hostile quick when you don’t agree with them. Thankfully, the ‘debate’ doesn’t last long, they are too weak to really put up a fight.

    1. “Thankfully, the ‘debate’ doesn’t last long, they are too weak to really put up a fight.”

      LOL – It’s true. I have vegan and vegetarian friends and I think they get tired watching me. 😉

  10. Kristen’s (former vegan) journey hits so close to home! My only consolation for being vegetarian for years is that my family wasn’t! I fed them whatever, and tried to keep it healthy by limiting sugar. It was far from perfect, but at least we all eat well now.

    1. OMG! I have been following Kristen pre paleo into my pregnancy and through my older son early years, now I see why my boy has so many but problems and seemed so malnorished even if I was feeding him green smoothies and vegan meals…for 2 years

      However, my husband never put his meat away and to think of it the smell always tempted me and felt so bad of my own instincts at that time…fast forward

      BBQ with the family… Didn’t know why but I gave in and enjoy every single bite just to find out after couple of months that I WAS PREGNANT !! My primal body override my closed mindset in order to prepare and start to nourish the baby growing in me!!!

      Moreover, after giving birth to my second child, 1 week after to be exact found MDA and kept it 80-90% money issues and hello big mindset changes…but my second son is now 1 year and half NeVEr got sick (no vaccinations either, still breastfeeding) and if offered will always choose meat over carbs, liver as first food and daily morning omlette, while playing if feels the smell of it will get mad!!!

      While we the parents for money issues feel up on rice and quinoa, this baby is paleo and his instincts are strong!!

      Trying to wean with raw buffalo milk, he absolutely hates it, never mind the formula stuff, tried once tummy problems whole night!

      I wish I had knew what kristen was going though I could recommend MDA but thought she would never take it as a hard core vegan she was!!

      Keep them coming, Mark! You turned my world up side down for good!

  11. Being vegan is NOT the problem. A person who is vegan can be as healthy or even healthier than a paleo person IF they avoid grains and get plenty of protein (i.e. hemp or rice protein etc). Again, it’s more about staying away from simple carbohydrates and getting ample protein and related nutrients than this tiresome debate by both sides. I know why paleo people get defensive, as a vegetarian I’ve been called a terrible person by some vegans because I eat eggs and consume whey protein drinks. I ignore their attempts to denigrate me as well as those who give me a hard way to go because I don’t eat meat (who then ask how I stay so thin and ripped LOL).

    1. being vegan was clearly the problem for Kristen and her family. and others here, have had issues from being vegan. eliminating grains and eating more inferior protein sources cant even begin to address all the problems Kristen and others have from veganism. this isn’t the place to debate it, but it has been discussed by many others before, so read the article again – and notice she emphasizes that what works or doesn’t work for her, is just an n=1 experience.
      I don’t think anyone is bad or better based on their food choices, but if a problem gets fixed by change of diet, then that diet was wrong for that body.

    2. George, I was attempting an off-handed joke at my own past vegan, then vegetarian, then pescatarian attempts to gain health. Only when I ditched the grains/beans and added some grass-fed meat was I able to regain some vitality and nutrients that I wasn’t able to absorb properly with vitamins and shots. I don’t eat processed food anymore, and frankly I think that having to get proteins from ‘healthy’ processed foods a sign of a diet lacking in essential nutrients for optimal health. However, I truly wish you the best of health!

    3. Not likely that a Vegan person can be healthier than the same person on Paleo. That’s the point of Kristen’s article.

    4. “Being vegan is NOT the problem. A person who is vegan can be as healthy or even healthier than a paleo person IF they avoid grains and get plenty of protein (i.e. hemp or rice protein etc).”

      George – There’s no other way to say it, but YES, being vegan IS the problem.

      We are omnivores. I’m sorry if that’s uncomfortable biological fact. People going from SAD straight to vegan usually see an improvement in their health because dairy is quietly problematic and most processed junk foods contain animal fat.

      After that, it’s a long slow slide to where Kristen ended up. There are countless stories (and this includes mine) of ex-vegatarians and vegans realizing they were fed lies. Someone with 10 years on high quality Paleo looks like Mark. Someone with 10 years on high quality vegan is going to wonder what the h?ll happened.

      I’m say this sincerely: I’m very sorry that it seems like your identity is so bound up in what you eat. All I can say is there are plenty of ripped, thin and far more importantly healthy and happy people on “the dark side”.

      1. I forgot the happy face. 🙂 (I didn’t mean it to sound quite so serious.)

  12. We are SO reliant on prescription methods.
    We have meds and vitamins for absolutely everything, my neice has vitamin D and C pills and also Iron pills.

  13. I ruined my gut on a whole-foods, soy-free, veggie-heavy vegan diet. Am just now enjoying the benefits of gut healing. So yeah, I relate to that link a lot. I thought I was eating so well with whole grains and veggies and no junk/processed food, but I developed tons of food allergies and even lost a bunch of hair. So, yeah. Since I’m here on MDA, clearly I’ve switched gears.

  14. Loved the Paleo Cats pictoral … very cute! From that site I went to see the Paleo Sandwiches and came across Cheesy Sweet Potato Stacks that look sooooo delicious! I saved the recipe and am looking forward to trying it. Look it up!

  15. Loved Kristen’s blog. Awesome when we do an honest evaluation of our diets.

  16. On the subject of paleo cats, I heard a great podcast once (which I can’t find now) where they interviewed a renowned veterinarian (I THINK it was Joel Wallach), and one of the topics was diet. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was about the paleo diet for humans. His point was that they had done all sorts of studies for animals and discovered a long time ago that they best all around diet for your pets was a grain-free one. According to him, this is such an accepted fact in the veterinary world that it’s basically common knowledge.

    It’s too bad no one thought to apply that knowledge to people. I think sometimes we forget that we are animals too.

  17. Also on the subject of paleo cats, if you look at forums like catster and dogsters, there are a lot of people into feeding their animals a raw meat diet. And nothing will get them riled up more than saying you feed your pets kibble that contains grains/corn/byproducts. At the very least they should be fed grain-free brands made with wholesome ingredients.

    And I have seen some CRAZY pet transformation photos. XD Their dog will go from having patchy fur and red eyes, to a gorgeous shining coat and a healthy glow.

    1. I saw a sign in Barrie on the side of a dog park trail. It said to keep pitbulls muzzled. Someone had painted “FWk You! Pitbulls Rock!” on it Then someone else used a permanent marker to write ~ FREE MY PEOPLE
      No grains either.

  18. Hi Mark, just wanted to reach out and say a quick thanks for the link to my carnitas post! Truly appreciated 🙂