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Weekend Link Love – Edition 237

The Primal Life Kit [1] is still available. If you enjoy obtaining reams of valuable ($485 worth) knowledge (including a month’s subscription to my own Primal Blueprint Meal Plan [2] service) for cut-rate prices (just $39), you will like the Kit. Buy it.

Research of the Week

Got brain drain? Go for a walk in the park [3].

Is “salt-sensitive” hypertension just glucose intolerance in disguise [4]?

Three whole eggs a day [5] is just what the cardiologist ordered.

Interesting Blog Posts

How America’s oldest living person [6] – until recently – lived so long.

BoingBoing picked up [7] my Paleofantasy review.

Media, Schmedia

Genetically modified wheat (coming soon to a store near you!) may silence vital human genes [8], according to research by a professor of microbial genetics (PDF [9]). Of course, to do that, the relevant compounds will have to make it through the gut wall and into the bloodstream to interact with our genes, which wheat has never, ever been shown to do. Right? Right?

When normal people are faced with the consequences of their decisions or actions, they have to own up to it. When Monsanto is faced with independent research that their actions might be killing the bees en masse, it simply buys the research firm that implicates them [10]. And no, this is not an Onion article.

Everything Else

Is the Y chromosome doomed? [11]

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 7 – Apr 13)

Comment of the Week

Had to laugh!
“A big paleofantasy. I could be making this entire world up in my head as I go along.”

……Being Mark Sissonvich…..

– I’d watch [16] that.