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Weekend Link Love – Edition 236

Last-minute tickets for PrimalCon Oxnard 2013 [1] (April 11-14) are now available due to some cancellations. Space is limited. Order your tickets today before spots run out!

Tickets for PrimalCon Austin 2013 [2] are also available. Join us June 6-9 for an event you’ll never forget.

Thank you for sharing your excitement for upcoming Primal Blueprint books [3] and your ideas for new titles last week. The randomly selected winner of the prize package giveaway is Susy Fry [4].

Research of the Week

Transfer of “lean” gut flora into the sterile guts of obese mice triggered rapid fat loss in a recent study [5].

They were far from human subjects, but fruit flies fed an organic diet enjoyed better health outcomes [6] than fruit flies fed a non-organic diet.

Interesting Blog Posts

How one Primal kid fought back against MyPlate [7] and came up with his own – far superior, in my opinion – version.

Seth Roberts recently explored earwax transplantations [8].

Media, Schmedia

Logan LaPlante knows what he wants to be when he grows up [9]: happy. What about you?

Gwyneth Paltrow may get a lot of flak for deciding not to feed her kids empty carbs, but not everyone agrees with the criticism [10].

Everything Else

No one can fully digest gluten [11],” said the Mayo Clinic doc.

Our ability to truly connect with other human beings is a physiological entity that must be trained and maintained or else wither into dystrophy, like muscle. Does excessive smartphone usage trigger empathy detraining [12]?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 31 – Apr 6)

Comment of the Week

This post is starting to sound like some bizarre game of foodie one-upmanship:

“The most exotic thing I’VE ever had was manatee muzzle sauteed in badger bile!”

“Oh, is that anything like camel colon smothered in snake snot?”

– For what it’s worth [17], camel colon is high in butyrate and snake snot is a rich source of DHA.